The Non-Diet Diet

I have a confession to make: I am terrible at maintaining any kind of healthy diet. This could be due, in part, to the fact that my birthday is in the summer and ice cream sundaes are mandatory, all year ’round. I balance this by staying active and drinking lots of water and trying to practice healthy eating habits whenever possible.

There's nothing like fresh bagels to kickstart a busy weekend!

There’s nothing like fresh bagels to kickstart a busy weekend! (at Brooklyn Water Bagels)

Keep reading for my top tips to staying in shape without suffering from foodie F.O.M.O.!

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Reading List: The Time of My Life

As seen on Caught Between The Pages!

My blog is a collection of tips & lessons I’ve curated from my adventures living, playing & working in the city (along with some other lovely people, places & things I fall in love with along the way). I’d like to thank Kayla for having me guest post and to share with you my new favorite book.

Summer (book) lovin', happened so fast...

Summer (book) lovin’, happened so fast… (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for one of the most warm, thought-provoking & relatable books you’ll read all summer.

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Celebrities & East Coast Style

I get style inspiration from a number of sources on any given day. Lately I’ve been I’ve really been feeling the monochromatic trend and I’m almost sure it was because I saw it on Ellen Pompeo, Marcia Cross or Connie Britton. Don’t know what I mean? Well, there are so many leading ladies that hail from Boston that are making quite a statement every day with their East Coast style.

The Kennedy family has always been an example of iconic New England style.

The Kennedy family has always been an example of iconic New England fashion. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for their style & my fashion tips as an East Coast girl!

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12 Things All Commuting City Girls Must Own

Trains are late, traffic is inevitable and weather can be obnoxious. Commuting to work can be a real drag but if you’re prepared, it can be less so. My mornings consist of a ride on a train, changing to the subway and walking up a hill so when things go awry (which, in the city, can be quite often) it is nice to have supplies on hand that put me in my happy place.


Because getting to work can be hard enough. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading to read & shop my travel essentials for getting to and from work!

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Cheap & Chic: Summer Favorites & Where To Find Them

With the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale nearly underway, now seems as good a time as any to share some of my favorite fashion finds you can score for cheap at many of the mid-summer sales. These are classics you can wear year-round and you’ll be glad you scooped them up on a bargain instead of paying full-price out of desperation down the road.

Think & look ahead about your fashion needs for fall now!

Think & look ahead about your fashion needs for fall now! (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for more on my picks for some mid-summer magic in your closet!

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How To: Be A “FIT” Girl

In keeping with my mission to stay in some kind of shape this year, I’ve been trying out everything from at-home workouts to running club and DanceFIT. Because gym memberships are expensive and let’s be honest, real city girls ain’t got time fo’ dat, there are plenty of ways to stay fit in the city for free.

Keep reading for my tips for staying fit in the city!

Put this on and get out there!

Put this on and get out there! (Via Etsy)

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Summer Drags (& Quick Fixes)

In case Hurricane Arthur hadn’t made it perfectly clear, summer is here and with it comes some of the most annoying beauty blunders. From bumpy bikini lines to melting make-up, there is no end to the number of frustrating things that need fixing throughout any given summer day.

Feeing a little crispy? Here's how to fix it.

Feeing a little crispy? Here’s how to fix it. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for the top ten tips & tricks for surviving the summer that I swear by with some (unofficial) P.S.A.’s from celebs!

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