Style & Grace: My first stylin’ client

Here’s something you should know: friends don’t let friends have overwhelmed closets. The remedy? Switching out a manic Monday for a day of sartorial success. Now that you have an idea of what my day was like today, keep reading to find out how I turned a friend’s closet from “wild” to “styled” in a day!

In all the chaos of graduating and celebrating summer and job searching and the holidays, who has time to sort through the pieces in their closets they really don’t wear? The answer, very few people. As was the case with my very dear friend Grace…

Meet Grace, my very first client.
Meet Grace, my very first client.

Now some of you may think that consulting a friend on their fashion choices would be a catwalk but to be honest, I was a little nervous. I’m no Stacy London and I have a hard time showing tough love with people when it comes to fashion because it is such an integral part of self-expression. As it turns out, all Grace really needed was to weed out some of her younger-looking pieces and add some more basics to update her look.

We started with dresses, ended with belts and touched on every type of garment in between. I had a blast learning that Grace is a secret keeper of some very chic Harness Frye knock-off boots, fabulous hats and a wide array of some of the most cheerful and colorful jeans. Her goal was to develop a closet for a professional, young twenty-something that could be versatile enough for day-to-night transitions. After a few hours of careful selection, we managed to sort out a significant number of tanks, skirts and tops that just weren’t cutting it anymore. What resulted was something like this:

When it comes to closet organizing, making a mess is a very good thing.
When it comes to closet organizing, making a mess is a very good thing.

After a brief lunch at a local cafe, Grace and I made a quick stop at a TJ Maxx for some style inspiration. We perused the racks for dresses, blazers and sweaters that would transition easily for a twenty-something young professional. One hundred and thirty four dollars later, Grace had a brand new blazer, a boyfriend cardigan, a black cardigan with a black lace inset, a royal blue pencil skirt and a black pencil skirt with silver plaid detailing. (That’s five items, $134…around $27 a piece!)

Having a great wardrobe? Priceless.
Having a great wardrobe? Priceless.

These pieces allow for pairing with everything from sleek white pants to little black dresses and can be worn almost all year round! While Grace still could use a few more staples (like a simple black blazer or a Men’s White shirt), her wardrobe is prepared for her first 9 to 5…and beyond! I am so glad to have been able to work with Grace and hope that she had as much fun as I did!

Stay tuned for more adventures in styling!

xo, Vanessa

Think you or someone you know could use some help in the style department? Perhaps you could use some assistance in organizing your closet? Check out my menu of services for details on how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Vanessa M. Gatlin

-Blogger, dancer, fashionista -Self proclaimed "political junkie" with a strong interest in international affairs -2011 graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston

6 thoughts on “Style & Grace: My first stylin’ client”

  1. What a styling adventure! In anticipation of my consultation today, my confidence about my existing wardrobe started to waiver. But, as soon as Vanessa entered my ‘apartment,’ my worries began to fade. As a recent college graduate my main goal for this intervention was to update my wardrobe from college chic to sophisticated twenties. Vanessa did more than just give me friendly reassurance, she encouraged me to look objectively at the clothes and how they make my body and personality shine. Her honest constructive prompts helped me to take control of my wardrobe decisions in the closet and in the store. She has given me the tools to develop my inner fashionista and focus my style for this next phase of life. Now I may be a bit biased since we have been friends since our younger ballerina years, but just take a look at my closet and you’ll see what we came up with – a revamped style and two big smiles.

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