And this city girl travels on...

‘Tis the season: City haze, birthdays, cozy reading days & more!

Its been a little while since I’ve been able to update on the life and times of this city girl. After spending seventy-something Christmas cards, enjoying the company of some old friends and partaking in some of the necessary holiday cooking and baking, I have a lot of holiday stories to share!

And this city girl travels on...
And this city girl travels on…

My city girl adventures haven’t stopped since my introduction to Buffalo Exchange. Since then, my baby brother had a birthday (sixteen qualifies you as a full blown teenager, I guess), my former boss got a major appointment on the Banking Committee and I finally got back into reading for pleasure. As with most major family celebrations, baby brother’s birthday was celebrated over a Chinese buffet. I somehow convinced him that nice brothers share virgin piña coladas with their big sisters and we enjoyed peking raviolis and General Tso’s chicken to our hearts content. It’s hard to believe that sixteen years ago my favorite little dude fit entirely in my seven year old arms and now I almost fit entirely in his!

This little guy isn't so little anymore!
This little guy isn’t so little anymore. Happy 16th birthday to my not-so little brother!

In between my holiday celebrations with friends and family, I’ve been able to cozy up with a great read. Global Anger by Kent Politsch is an intense thriller I haven’t been able to put down easily. Combining my love for basketball, international affairs, espionage and the city of Baltimore, this story is like reading a cross between Leonardo DiCaprio’s Body of Lies and Idris Elba’s The Wire . Perhaps its premature to say that Mr. Politsch has invented a new genre, (one I would dub “strategical thriller”,) but this book is so much more than your average “good guys chase bad guys” storyline. I have always believed that a good book is a journey that convincingly takes you from the present place and time to wherever the author wishes you to go and Mr. Politsch does not disappoint. From North Korea to the Grand Cayman Islands, it feels strange that my passport has so few stamps…for now. I may not yet be able to solve the case of who ate the last stuffed mushroom at the holiday party, but I’m eager to see where Rodney Armstrong and Jack Fitzgerald end up next!

Get a preview of Global Anger here and then get your own copy!
Get a preview of Global Anger here and then get your own copy!

Its fun to think that the holiday parties have only barely gotten underway. I’ve had some very fun opportunities to get festive with friends in the city, enjoy some delicious recipes and sip on some holiday “spirits”. I’ve included a fun slideshow with some of my holiday endeavors below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thoughts from the road...
Thoughts from the road…

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

xo, Vanessa


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