Black & white & READ all over

This is my 9-to-5 look.
This is my 9-to-5 look.

Extra, extra! Read all about it! I’ve been up to so many things!

Okay, so not really but my adventures have been a little backlogged since getting this new job. (Have you been following me on Foursquare?) As I mentioned in my last post, my journey as a twenty-something young professional continues on Instagram, in the kitchen and out and about in the city of Boston. I’ve been inspired by so many things, particularly my experiences and gratefulness in having a new adventure with some new friends and I am really looking forward to what the next few months will bring me!

Scarf season is in full swing.
Scarf season is in full swing.

As you may have heard, the Northeast got pounded by winter storm Nemo this weekend. (Yes, Nemo. So that’s a thing…) Personally, I couldn’t be more pleased by the timing of the wintry beast. (Friday through Sunday working from home? Yes please!) However, the amount of homemade butterscotch pudding I’ve had the pleasure of consuming is starting to get a little embarrassing. So what does a New England girl eat when its blizzard-ing out you ask? Well lots of cozy things of course! I start my day as I usually do with a cup of coffee and switch from tea to tea throughout the day. (Hot water with lemon and honey is also a great cozy substitute that keeps you hydrated without too many extra calories!) Below is one of my favorite cozy dishes you can actually enjoy year-round, it’s California Pizza Kitchen’s recipe for Chicken Tequila Fettucine!

The foodie in me is begging you to try this recipe!
The foodie in me is begging you to try this recipe!

Also, as lovely as the snow has been, I’m really looking forward to it warming up! Maybe its because Prabal Gurung for Target was launched today and I just love all the spring colors. Maybe its because I know my little sister is in Spain hopefully having the time of her life and I’m living vicariously through her pictures. Maybe its because I’d rather be wearing cute shoes than snowboots outside. But whatever the reason, I’m ready to plan a fun trip for when campaign season comes to an end. I’ve already promised the 4th of July to some of my friends in Baltimore, but I’d really like to get down to Florida to visit my high school sweetheart of a best friend too! Then there are those lucky ducks I befriended in college who are living the life out in L.A.. So many places, so much time! (Any other suggestions of where I should go?!)

I think its time for me to begin planning my next trip...
I think its time for me to begin planning my next trip…

I mentioned before that I’ve made new friends at work and I’m so excited about it! They’re from all around so its been great to get to know and learn from them. For those not from Boston, I’m looking forward to a blizzard-free weekend where I can show them the best parts of the city like my favorite boutiques on Newbury Street, little known cafes and the best eateries. (Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks anyone?) Mostly I’m just craving a night out (involving Chinese or Mexican food) and some guilt-free indulging (see also Yard House). Speaking of Yard House, this Friday is going to be a festive day in bidding farewell a new friend who is off to have some adventures. I’m hoping to meet up with her after work for one or two (or three!) Stout Floats before she kisses America goodbye!

File under things I like to do: Share a scorpion bowl!
File under things I like to do: Share a scorpion bowl!

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you are all staying warm and cozy if you’re still snowed in like I am!

Happy sipping!

xo, Vanessa

Stay thirsty (and cozy) my friends...
Stay thirsty (and cozy!) my friends…

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