Spring Break Essentials 2013

Wanna get away?
Wanna get away? I do!

Its that time of the year again when I start becoming painfully aware of how far I’ve come with my resolutions. My self-evaluation starts with the first Victoria’s Secret swimwear e-mail and ends with my last bite of Valentine’s Day chocolate. Nevertheless, I try not to be too hard on myself and instead invest my time, energy and money dreaming (and usually planning) a trip somewhere where I can really distract myself from the fact that the number of times I haven’t been to the gym outnumber the times I have. In college, Florida was a popular destination among me and my friends. Sadly, being a twenty-something young professional has left little time to plan extravagant trips but for those of you looking ahead to boarding passes, baggage claim and packing lists, this post is for you!

A change of scenery has the benefit of re-inspiring you!
This jetsetter knows how to dress…and pack!

I am a notorious over-packer. I’d rather have too much than not enough and I have yet to learn my lesson when the airline representative charges me for my overweight bag. I guess its hard for me to know exactly what it is I’m going to want to wear on any given day so I try to pack it all. If you’re anything like me, versatility is key. Here are my top five must-haves for travel:

~A-Line Dress: In a neutral color. This piece looks good on everyone and will look chic post-beach on your first night on or just after you’ve stuffed yourself silly at the buffet.

~Ballet flats: Need something to easily slip on and off through security that will make any look seem effortlessly sophisticated? Pack a pair of these and they’ll serve you well through a romantic dinner or a day of shopping.

~Cable-Knit Sweater: You’re bound to have a chilly day (or an overly air conditioned scenario) where you’re going to wish you had something cozy to throw over your shoulders. Look no further than this fashion staple for late-night strolls on the beach or for a timeless top to pair with jeans.

~Diamond Studs: Okay, so these don’t actually have to be real but everyone needs a little bling once in a while! Whether your off in the mountains or down on the shore, a little sparkle will do you some glamorous good!

~Exotic Skin Bag: If you’re out of ideas for an accessory that will add a little more luxury to a wardrobe that needs a pick me up, animal print is a great way to make a statement with neutral or plain colors. Add this to your souvenir wish list and score a great one for a third of the price by going vintage!

Peace, love & sunnier days ahead!
Peace, love & sunnier days ahead!

But there are other things to think about other than what you’re going to be strategically  rolling into your suitcase to pack as much as possible (if you’re me). Your carry-on is also a great to get some of those smaller things safely to your destination. Things like gloves and iPods are just a few things that are good things to keep close and handy so they are easily accessible and you can be sure they are safe. I often keep jewelry to a minimum when traveling (to reduce the risk of loss or theft) and keep all of my pieces in a jewelry pouch somewhere in my tote (might I recommend L.L. Bean’s monogrammed version). Another good traveling tip is to keep a few make-up essentials (like moisturizer, red lipstick and bronzing powder) handy in case you’ll be greeted by anyone you know upon arrival. Traveling can be tough on skin so sometimes its nice to spruce yourself up post-landing!

Budget not flexible enough for an actual trip? Take a brain vacation!
Budget not flexible enough for an actual trip? Take a brain vacation!

While a trip isn’t in the cards for me anytime soon, here are a few of my favorite places in the whole wide world. Enjoy taking a peek!

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Enjoy your travels!

xo, Vanessa


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