This city girl runs on coffee...

“Be the person you were too lazy to be yesterday.”

This city girl runs on coffee...
This city girl runs on coffee…

It’s been a rough week. Currently, I am seated at the only available table in the Food Court at South Station awaiting the 8:41pm train outbound. The table I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to find happens to be located directly in front of the automatic doors that seem to be having a sensor issue and allow for a constant draft. I am shaking from the chill after having just finished a small cup of Pinkberry to brighten my spirits. I feel like Alexander from “Alexander and the Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day”…

Why am I down you ask? The answer is quite simple: I am a twenty-something. Now, people often confuse this type of gripe with ungrateful-ness. (Something I can assure you I am not…except for the breeze blowing through this cavernous space.) I am incredibly thankful for so many things; my friends, my family, my job. One might even wonder what’s left to complain about. Without searching for a reason to be unhappy, I will state that being 23 is just not something anyone prepared me for.

The older you get, the harder it is to just kick your feet up and relax.
The older you get, the harder it is to just kick your feet up and relax.

I vividly remember being younger, admiring all of the “big kids” and their big plans to be “grown-ups”. Now that I’ve reached that stage and aged beyond it, I am increasingly frustrated that I am not “living the dream” in some apartment with my friends, attending “Happy Hours” with any sort of regularity and instead paying off student loans I was not educated enough to pay for and taking in my city in the off hours I am not working. This is living.

The truth is, hard work pays off if you know how to be happy. At some point, you realize that waking up everyday just to put your hair in heat rollers and getting dressed for work is a blessing. You might have to drive the length of a marathon to get to work in the morning but it is an honor to be given the kind of responsibility that you get at the office. When someone makes a little extra coffee in the Keurig (which I always thought was impossible) and brings it to you, you should consider that person a friend. You are fortunate if you can sit in South Station on a MacBook Pro that you were able to save up for and buy yourself and blog about the breeze you are finding especially annoying. Such is life and it is wonderful.

Who run the world? YOU...and Beyoncé. All you need is a winning attitude.
Who run the world? YOU…and Beyoncé. All you need is a winning attitude.

We all have visions for how we dream life to be. They may not include a head of hair with highlights that desperately need to be touched up or blazers that barely hide the sip of coffee your dripped seconds before your interview but they’re good and they’ll happen if you keep at it. What I’m trying to say is, that when your dream day, week, month or year just isn’t panning out the way you pictured, take a look at what’s missing.

I have really taken to a phrase that has made its way into my daily meditation; “be the person you were too lazy to be yesterday”. I’m not even sure who said it but I know that I love it. If I close out a day wishing I had been more organized, I set a goal to wake up the next morning a little bit earlier so that I have the time to make sure I can accomplish my goals in a more orderly fashion. Small goals lead to big changes and big changes lead to meeting expectations…even those you hadn’t imagined possible.

Another great QOTD. Whichever you chose, be a good one.
Another great QOTD. Whichever you chose, be a good one.

That’s my advice for the day, or week, or whenever I get back to writing again. I hope you’ll take it to heart and start feeling a little better about doing big things in little ways.

xo, Vanessa


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