Fun-employment: The stay-cation continues…

There is no scenery like this once you're accustomed to hvaing it in your "neighborhood"...
There is no scenery like this once you’re accustomed to having it in your “neighborhood”…

With the conclusion and victory of my last campaign, after the revelry and good-bye hugs, I have been restored to my former life as a suburban squatter. I have indulged myself by sleeping in, having my Mexican food paid for (or created within the comfort of my own home) and celebrating a nationally recognized holiday during daylight hours without my cell phone needing to be readily accessible. The transition from life as an active political operative to that of a “likely voter” has been strange but I have enjoyed the opportunity of a few consecutive nights consisting of at least eight hours of sleep.

If you haven’t seen any of my photography from the campaign trail, here’s a gallery…

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I’ve decided that, in my time off, I should create a “bucket list” of sorts to be completed by the end of the summer. Some of these things I’ve already done in anticipation of this post so we’ll just go ahead and give me extra credit for being eager…

If nothing else, my time off has proven that I need to get out more.
If nothing else, my time off has proven that I need to get out more.

1.Walk along a considerable about of the Boston Waterfront District (so I can learn what’s down there!)

2.Visit a Panera Cares: Best spot- 3 Center Plaza, Boston

3.Visit with “old friends”: Did this on my birthday but hoping to do it again very soon!

4.Go out for “penny candy”: Best spot- Wayside Country Store

5.Read a good book

6.Get a job

7.Meet someone new

8.Have a lobster dinner

9.Head to the beach

10.Watch an outdoor movie

11.Dine in the North End

12.Drink less coffee (and more water)

13.Find the perfect pair of shorts

14.Go on an adventure

15.Exercise more often (Pure Barre anyone?!)

16.Have a barbecue…or just try out this joint.

17. (On a related note,) practice cooking more regularly.

18.Invent a summer cocktail

In short, anyone ready for a road trip?!
In short, anyone ready for a road trip?!

What’s on your summer “to do” list? Can you give any recommendations? Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted about my summer adventures!

xo, Vanessa


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