Because life after college can be hard.

5 Things Every 20-Something Should Know About Surviving Life Post-Grad

As told by real-life, fabulous twenty-somethings…

Because life after college can be hard.
Because life after college can be hard.

Between dealing with public transit, parents and personal finances, life after college is sometimes less than the picture perfect image of independence you thought it would be. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, (like I recently did) and remember what inspires you. If you’re disappointed or disheartened by the reality of what it means to be a young professional, cheer up! Here are a few tips from some of Boston’s most fabulous ladies who have shared their words of wisdom on getting by in Boston and beyond.

Amy, Cupcakes & Couture
Amy, Cupcakes & Couture

Be smart with your money. Always make sure your rent is less than 30% of your salary so you don’t become house poor. Then you’ll have money left over to shop, vacation, go out for dinner/ drinks and enjoy life! (Don’t forget to save some each month as well!)”

Celina, Trends & Tolstoy
Celina, Trends & Tolstoy

Wearing flats does not make you any less fashionable than the girl in stilettos. I love, love heels and want to wear them with all my outfits, but for a busy city girl, it’s not always practical. Wearing a pair of fabulous flats can look just as chic and pulled together as a pair of heels…”

Kaitlyn, life + musings
Kaitlyn, life + musings

Pursue your passions and interests, whether that’s ballet classes, yoga, or learning to cook new dishes. You’ll have a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle. And stay active. Endorphines = natural high.”

Me, A City Girl's Guide To Life
Me, A City Girl’s Guide To Life

Establish a mantra. Mine is: ‘Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.-Eat Pray Love’. Even a simple “Keep calm and carry on” for the days when twenty-something anxiety creeps up, its good to know that you can be your own best cheerleader.”

Do you have good piece of advice that you swear by or a good friend who always knows what to say? Share below in the comments box for other twenty-something city girls to see!

xo, Vanessa

Thank you to the ladies who helped contribute to this post. Be sure to check out their blogs for more inspiration!


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