The time has come for chinos to replace cutoffs...until next year!mirror...until next year!

So Long Sweet Summer…

The time has come for chinos to replace cutoffs...until next year!mirror...until next year!
The time has come for chinos to replace cutoffs…until next year!

Sigh…my favorite season seems to have officially moved on, making way for things like denim jackets, Frye Harness boots and gloves to fit into your closet. But before I put my bikinis completely away for the season, I’ve made a list of my favorite things from the summer of 2013. Take a peek and see if we share any of the same great summer memories!!

Favorite new spot:

Tangierino (Photo credit:
Tangierino, Charlestown (Photo credit:

I should never be surprised that when Kaitlyn and I set out on an adventure that it will pretty much end up being the best night out to date. A month ago my favorite city girl and I made reservations at this Charlestown locale to celebrate the last night of Restaurant Week. Friday, when the day finally arrived, we were delighted by the deliciously potent cocktails, ethnic menu and belly dancers and appreciated the opportunity it gave to us to have some quality (and fancy) one-on-one time to relish in our friendship.

Best day:

Fourth of July in the city
Fourth of July in the city

I am notorious for being a workaholic and can’t really remember the last time I was able to enjoy a holiday the way most people do with kicking back and not having a care in the world. After marching in a local parade, I ventured into the city for a backyard barbecue complete with homemade guacamole, a couple of drinking games and tapas. I was also able to catch Boston’s infamous firework show on a roofdeck in Back Bay with some “bubbly” and a trip to the Mass Ave. Tavern. All-in-all, easily my best effort celebrating a holiday city girl-style.

Favorite new song:

"Pretty Brown Eyes" -  Cody Simpson
“Pretty Brown Eyes” – Cody Simpson (Photo credit:

Fault me for whatever reason you can come up with but if you’re rocking a perfectly undone bowtie, you’re Australian and you’re asking “what if I spend time with you?” chances are, I’m going to be into it. Sure he’s sixteen but Jesse McCartney was just 17 when I discovered him and if you know me at all you know that I will never stop loving Jesse’s “beautiful soul”.

Favorite new food:

Fried pickles (Photo credit:
Fried pickles (Photo credit:

I want to go ahead and blame the campaign diet on introducing me to these fine fast food features, specifically Burger Dive. If it weren’t for these delicious little morsels, I might never have survived the first few weeks of summer after neglecting to eat breakfast. (Okay, I definitely would have but its probably better than I saved myself from taking in such an excessive amount of calories.) Another plus side about this side dish is that it pairs well with almost any condiment so its basically the most versatile thing you could ever try.

Best city experience:

Roofdeck Lobster Bake
Roofdeck Lobster Bake

Count on me to have elaborate ideas to celebrate nothing in particular and I suppose you can count on my friend Jack to provide the menu and materials. Last weekend I attended the most quintessential summer soiree that could ever take place in a New England city and I loved every second of it. There were copious amounts of beverages and seafood to be had and I was able reunite with several friends from college. Job well done  to Jack & Co. and thanks to everyone who came and participated in an unforgettable night.

Favorite summer look:

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers

I feel very fortunate that my summer birthday always allows for me to procure a seasonal “must have” midway through the year. This summer, my parents surprised me with a pair of mango and gold Jack Rogers sandals (a la Lord & Taylor) that have been so vibrant and fun to wear in and out of the city. Orange may not rhyme with anything but it sure pairs well with sun-kissed skin!

Best celeb story:

Birth of the Prince of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis (Photo credit: The Sun)
Birth of the Prince of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis (Photo credit: The Sun)

He is “The Boy Who Lived (To Be King)” and the “Rascal Heard ‘Round the World”. Everyone likes babies but if you happen to be one of those people with no heart, chances are you were made absolutely speechless by Kate Middleton’s post-partum radiance, her Séraphine dress and/ or the fact that someone put her into heels just 24 hours after giving birth. This was a story if ever there was one and I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t the unofficial Crier for my office the very minute the breaking news announcement popped up on my Twitter feed.

Favorite new closet addition:

Little Red Dress (Photo credit:
Little Red Dress (Photo credit:

Recently I rewarded myself with an ASOS purchase I will surely never regret. As many of you know, I can be superstitious about wearing the color red during campaign season but being that it is no longer (for me, at least for now), I felt compelled to splurge on a little something (see photo) I could take from “9-to-5” to “night out”. Friday proved that the investment was worth it as I wore my — to the office and then for a night on the town to McGreevey’s on Boylston. Lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of a little red dress!

Best beach read:

Sammy's House by Kristin Gore (Photo credit: Fantastic Fiction)
Sammy’s House by Kristin Gore (Photo credit: Fantastic Fiction)

Bibliophiles like me love a good sequel and after reading “Sammy’s Hill” last summer I was glad to have some downtime to enjoy and pick up on the adventures of my favorite fictional D.C. staffer. There’s something about reading about adventures at the Capitol that really motivates me, even if the heroine in question can sometimes be a little bit of a basket case. (Aren’t we all?) Kristin Gore does an especially amazing job at highlighting the plights of every young professional, twenty-something in balancing romance, morality, anxiety and the omnipresent desire to just be happy. I encourage this story for anyone who has ever wondered if they will ever really be good at being a grown-up.

Honorable mention:

Attempt at being a grown-up
Attempt at being a grown-up

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that my adventures in taste-testing sweets and treats never seem to stop. This summer I have taken a stab at whipping up some new recipes at home. From spinach salads with berries and goat cheese to oven-toasted peaches with Frozen Greek yogurt, I have really enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen!

What were some of your favorite memories this summer? Share them in the comments below!

xo, Vanessa

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