Boston’s Best: Fall Sweets & Treats

Summer might be associated with ice cream, frosty beer and fresh fruit but fall desserts are delicious too! Finally the time has come where I don’t need to worry about chocolate melting prematurely or my spontaneous cravings for pumpkin-flavored things…fall is here! Whether you look forward to stores filling their shelves with Halloween candy or you delight in picking your own apples, here are my favorite treats of the season:

And then there was one...
And then there was one…

One holiday tradition in my family is dessert. As the weather cools down my Mom makes some of the coziest treats; gingersnap cookies, cherry pies and squash souflees. Of all the recipes, her cheesecake is always so delicious and light. With a graham cracker crust and topped with seasonal fruit, I love to enjoy her desserts with a glass of wine, cup of tea or a nightcap.

Cheesecakes with season fruit toppings are one of my favorite treats!
One of Mom’s famous cheesecakes, topped with French cherries!

For liquid treats, Kaitlyn and I enjoy heading to Marliave where the creative cocktail recipes are plentiful. What has become a tradition regardless of the season is always made better with great company. It certainly helps that their menu is diverse and traditional Boston staple but what I really love is its close proximity to downtown Boston. Stop by here if you’re looking for a new spot (I’d suggest after 5pm!)

Cocktails at Marliave are a great way to warm up on chilly days.
Cocktails at Marliave are a great way to warm up on chilly days.

Another thing I like to enjoy year-round are dollar (yes, just $1 a piece) oysters and Boston has plenty of places to find them! A treat that is equally sophisticated as it is delicious, you can learn to enjoy this delicacy on a budget, with tobasco sauce, lemon juice or cocktail sauce. Here are the best spots in Boston to sample some on the cheap:

Barlow’s: 241 A St., Boston // WHEN: Mondays, 4pm-6pm.

Dante: 40 Edwin H Land Blvd., Cambridge // WHEN: Daily from 4pm-6pm.

Les Zygomates: 129 South St., Boston // WHEN: Monday-Friday, 4pm-6pm

Local 149: 149 P St., South Boston // WHEN: Monday through Friday-6 for $6 or 12 for $11

Marliave: 10 Bosworth St., Boston // WHEN: Twice daily. (4pm-6pm and 9pm-10pm)

McCormick & Schmick’s: 1 Faneuil Hall Market Pl., Boston // WHEN: Tuesdays

Orleans: 65 Holland St., Somerville // WHEN: Mondays-3pm-7pm

Red House: 98 Winthrop St., Cambridge // WHEN: Tuesday through Sunday (50 cents for the first dozen.)

Rialto: 1 Bennett St., Cambridge // WHEN: Mondays from 5:30pm-10pm

Russell House Tavern: 14 JFK St., Cambridge //  WHEN: Daily from 11pm to close. (1am on Sundays, 2 am Thursday-Saturday)

I always have room in my tummy (and wallet) for dollar oysters!
I always have room in my tummy (and wallet) for dollar oysters!

The summer girl in me always has room for ice cream. Whether it’s Ben & Jerry’s “Cherry Garcia” or Trader Joe’s Pumpkin, frozen treats have a special place my hart regardless of the season. Ice cream is also a great way to use any of the summer peaches you may have run out of uses for. And what’s a good fall pie without the accompanying scoop of ice cream to melt on top?!

Because ice cream season is EVERY season.
Because ice cream season is EVERY season.

Speaking of pies, ’tis the season for baked goods and few do it better than Nashoba Brook Bakery. Tucked away in the cozy town of Concord, my favorite treats can be enjoyed in the cafe (open from 7am until 5:30pm) with the soft aroma of freshly baked bread. I highly recommend the delicate pink eclairs I picked up the last time I was there!

Bakery treats for two!
Bakery treats for two!

What are your favorite fall treats and/ or space to enjoy them?! Send me a pic of you enjoying a sweet (or a treat) this fall for a chance to be “It Girl of the Week”!

xo, Vanessa


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