Chic & Cheap: Fall Favorites and Where To Find Them

Like many Bostonians, I’m guilty of browsing Karmaloop on my commute and I find myself in Nordstrom when my errands were only supposed to lead me to stores on the other side of the mall (deliberately). As you may have noticed, I have an affinity for things like peacoats, sandals and turquoise jewelry which is, overall, a pretty expensive hobby. That being said, not all fashion needs to be pricey to be “stylish” and it has taken great self-control for me to round-up some of the best pieces you probably didn’t even know existed at stores you might not have even thought to shop in.


For the days when you're feeling more West Coast...or just missing it.
For the days when you’re feeling more “West Coast”…or just missing it.

As the temperature changes, it’s becoming less excusable to squeeze every last drop out of your summer memories by wearing open-toed shoes. Luckily, you don’t have to give-up your surfer cool look along with your cut-offs and bandeau tops. With Vans, “the added benefit…is that the company lets you customize sneakers so they can be uniquely yours.*” So whether you like the traditional white or something with more street style credentials, Vans are soon to be at the top of your wish list.

Find them at Journeys or Vans.


"...Wayfarers have been worn by everyone from Kim Novak to Mary-Kate Olsen, Bob Dylan to Chloe Sevigny."
“…Wayfarers have been worn by everyone from Kim Novak to Mary-Kate Olsen, Bob Dylan to Chloe Sevigny.”

Regardless of whether or not the season is summer, sun is always going to be a thing. It’s for this exact reason that God invented Wayfarers. (Right after he said, “Let there be light!” Amirite?!) Because of this, it is absolutely necessary that you have effective and stylish eye protection. Solar glare is just as dangerous when it is being cast off of a snowbank as it is at the beach and there’s no better way to look fashionable and practice safe sun than the ever-classic Wayfarers.

Find knock-offs like them here.

Ankle Bootie

Take some style notes from Reese & friends!
Take some style notes from Reese & friends!

Footwear in the fall is one of my favorite excuses to go shopping and the ankle bootie is one of the main reasons for this. When people think of boots, they often think of rugged, heavy or clunky shoes that don’t necessarily lend themselves to enhancing your look. That is why I love ankle booties, the footwear that surpasses expectations, can be that little bit of edge you need under a feminine maxi skirt or the most perfect, simple reminder that one of these days these boots could walk all over you (you know who you are).

Shop them here, here, and here!


White button down, brown leather and khakis. Diane Kruger knows the power of a great belt!
White button down, brown leather and khakis. Diane Kruger knows the power of a great belt!

As you may have heard me say before, I strongly believe that belts are often the most underappreciated accessories. There’s nothing lazier than exposed belt loops without a belt or an oversized shirt without a belt to cinch it together. Considering that belts can make for such an easy remedy for so many fashion flops, there’s no reason not to splurge or save on the one item that can upgrade your look so quickly.

Give these great shops a try:

Lana Marks, Streets Ahead & Linea Pelle

Camel Coat

"The ultimate uptown coat"*.
“The ultimate uptown coat”*. Shop it here.

If there’s one item you invest (in finding) this season, let me beg that it be a camel coat. This is one of those pieces that, if selected properly, can truly make you look like a movie star. It is a “true classic coat that looks both elegant and expensive”* but can be paired with jeans, skinny black pants or an evening gown. I have had some unusual luck browsing Etsy and finding some truly excellent specimens that cost significantly less than the real deal.

Your perfect alternative to the little black coat. Shop here!

What are some of your fall favorites that you have found on a budget? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook.

xo, Vanessa

*All quotes denoted with an asterisk can be found in Nina Garcia’s fashion guide, The One Hundred.


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