A City Girl’s Guide To: Why Being A Bostonian Is Wicked Awesome

Happy World Series Week city girls! To anyone who attended yesterday’s festivities, I hope you had a wonderful time and got some great shots of the trophy for your Instagrams! It’s been a trying year to be a Bostonian to say the least, but things definitely seem a little better after seeing the Rolling Rally, players and people of Boston in such high spirits. Aside from having this year’s greatest baseball team, Bostonians are lucky for a lot of reasons. Keep reading to find out what else I love about “Title Town”!


About two hundred days ago, my favorite city was brought to its knees. We were stricken with grief and a dark cloud hung over our perfect skyline as we navigated ways to cope with the numerous emotions that come with such a tragedy. In the days following, even during a lockdown for an unprecedented manhunt, Boston-based business, sports teams and global citizens, rose to meet the needs of victims. People can say what they want about “Mass-holes” but I have never been prouder to be from such a classy place.

New England weather keeps you on your toes.
New England weather keeps you on your toes.

People like to complain about the weather in Boston but its actually kind of perfect if you think about it. We get snow in the winter, heat in the summer, sometimes it rains when we aren’t expecting but its moments like unexpected rainfall that help you remember you’re alive, in one of the quirkiest cities in the world, and probably very, very wet.

All you need is love...and cupcakes.
All you need is love…and Boston sports…and cupcakes. (Spotted at CRUMBS Boston)

Besides the Red Sox, there is no shortage of team sprit in Boston. In fact, we’re heading into my favorite season where basketball, football and hockey intersect. To catch a part of the action, wander down towards The Garden on any game night (or make the trek to Foxboro). Even if it’s not baseball season, The Bleacher Bar, Game On, and The Baseball Tavern also make for great venues to mingle with your fellow sports fans. And when its not quite yet time for tipoff, there are always cupcakes and other festive treats to hold you over.

Our skylines are THE BEST.
Our skylines are THE BEST.

It’s hard to miss the panoramic views of the city on your way in or out of town. There isn’t one I don’t completely love. Whether you’re biking on the Cambridge side of the Charles or riding in via the MassPike, the city seems to magically lay out as much of its scenery as it can, enticing you to indulge in as much as possible during your visit. Next time you’re coming in or out, try to count all the places you recognize or have made memories. You’ll see what I mean when I say that Boston has a little piece of everyone and everyone has a little piece of Boston.

We love being near the "watah".
We love being near the “watah”.

As Bostonians, we know that sometime we forget to pronounce our R’s but we never forget the importance of that “dirty water”. Since the beginning Boston has used water to make political statements, throw some awesome Parties, sustain innovative business and grow the nightlife scene in a new neighborhood. If it wasn’t for the Boston waterfront, we might not be able to host one of the cutest penguin exhibits in the history of the world. Additionally, if you like beer, and more specifically Harpoon, you can take a tour of their brewery down in that “neck of the woods” too!

We take our coffee drinking pretty seriously.
We take our coffee drinking pretty seriously.

America might run on Dunkin’ but it’s pretty clear that a lot of Bostonians run on coffee from anywhere (especially if it’s iced) year round. If you’re looking for new places to try, allow me to recommend some of my favorites below. The treats they whip up are pretty tasty too!

Bagel Rising: 1243 Commonwealth Ave., AllstonGood for: Cream cheese/ tofu spreads, morning joe and breakfast sandwiches.

Bloc 11 Café: 1 Bow St., SomervilleGood for: Lattes, egg sandwiches and creative lunch-friendly sandwiches.

Modern Pastry Shop: 257 Hanover St., BostonGood for: Espresso, large fruit tarts (if you’re having company) and creme brûlée.

South End Buttery: 314 Shawmut Ave., BostonGood for: Brunch cocktails, french press coffee and scones.

Zume’s: 233 Main St. CharlestownGood for: S.O.T.D. (Soup of the day), garden salads and seasonal coffee drinks (hot or iced)!

The Citgo sign is every Bostonian's "North Star".
The Citgo sign is every Bostonian’s “North Star”.

Truth be told, these are only some of the reasons Boston is so wonderful and every true Bostonian has a heart and mind full of reasons why they’re proud to be from here. Even if you grow up in the ‘burbs, those weekend visits in with your parents when you were a kid, those bad seasons you suffered through with the Bruins, Celtics or Sox or the fact that you made your home here in college are just some of the ways your credentials as a Bostonian are verified in my book.

What are your reasons for loving Boston? Add them in the comments below, on Facebook or by tweeting me at @vanessainboston.

xo, Vanessa


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