“Dressed Up” for the Holidays

Chanukah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years’…there’s more than one occasion this season that requires you to get a little fancy. I have quite an affinity for dressing up and the holidays are the perfect excuse to do so.

Here's what bloggers wear for the holidays!
Here’s what bloggers wear for the holidays!

Here are some of my favorite style this season, with tips* on where and how to wear them!

The A-line Dress

“Here’s the deal with the A-line dress: It will work for you on your best day. It will work for you on your worst day. It will work when you don’t know what to wear, for all occasions, and in all kinds of weather.”

The "must have" dress for all seasons.
The “must have” dress for all seasons.

Where to wear: To work on a day when you’ll have a holiday party as soon as the clock strikes 5:00, a holiday outing (like an event at the theater) or any day when dress pants feel too casual.

How to wear: “A true A-line is narrower on the top and flares out gently toward the bottom, resembling the letter A…”, with “a few bold accessories, a great pair of shoes, and maybe a pair of tights”, “in a bold print or bright colored A-line with boots or flats”.

The Evening Gown

I know what you’re thinking, is there a single more intimidating thing to purchase, own and wear than an evening gown? Probably not. But it will make you the belle of the ball if that’s what you’re going for.

Pick a color, any color...
Pick a color, any color… (By BCBG Max Azria)

Where to wear: A black tie event. That is all.

How to wear: “Opt for year-round fabric: chiffon, lightweight crepe, silk or satin.” Pair with ballet flats to ensure your ability to dance the night away, a camel coat in the cooler months and/or diamond studs to add a little sparkle.

The Little Black Dress

“Often, the perfect little black dress finds a girl when she is not looking…the price is immaterial, since it can always be justified  by the rules of fashion math: cost divided by number of times worn equals priceless.”

Look long, lean and chic in an LBD.
Look long, lean and chic in an LBD like this one.

Where to wear: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, any day you’ll have to transition from “9 to 5” to nightlife very quickly or when you need to pack light and need a versatile dress.

How to wear: “Choose the best material you can find  (not all are created equal) and nothing too tight or too shiny.” Avoid blending in by combining your look with an exotic skin bag, vamp it up with fishnet tights or tone it down with a Gentleman’s hat.

The Little White Dress

“The little white dress does not get nearly as much love as the LBD, and it’s a pity..The LWD is the unsung hero of the dress department.”

"Everyone needs a little white dress."
“Everyone needs a little white dress.”

Where to wear: When returning from vacation to show off your tan, to show that you’ve never followed a “no white after Labor Day” rule in your life or anytime you know you won’t be ordering red wine or sauce.

How to wear: With customized Havianas when vacationing in paradise, when making a statement with your favorite investment bag or to contrast a pair of muted Mary Jane heels.

The Wrap Dress

“In the 70’s, Diane Von Furstenberg made the wrap into the ultimate dress for women of all shapes and sizes. If there is one dress with the intention of flattering the woman’s figure, it is the wrap dress.”

After all, it hugs all the right places!
After all, it hugs all the right places!

Where to wear: Any place or time you might be feeling self-conscious, to effortlessly impress a date or to an interview with a matching (or contrasting) blazer!

How to wear: Highlight the color(s) with a contrasting or neutral nail polish color, as a simple yet sophisticated post-beach dress when you’re on vacation or under a peacoat.

What do you plan on wearing for holiday get-togethers and events? Share with me on Facebook or by tweeting with the hashtag #BIGholiday. I’m looking forward to seeing how you style these and other festive options!

xo, Vanessa

*All quotes and tips from Nina Garcia’s book, The One Hundred.


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