Who knew wearing glasses could be so cute?!

SPONSORED POST: “Winter-eyes” with Warby Parker

On a day when it’s twenty-one degrees in the city (not counting the dreaded “wind tunnel” factor), the last thing I’m thinking about is my eyewear. Fortunately, on the days that I do, my eye make-up is significantly more intact, I’m less prone to tearing and more likely to be able to recognize a co-worker from a few yards away. Sure, wearing glasses can be a real pain (if you’re like me and constantly losing them) but fortunately for you Warby Parker has styles that will change the way you see eyewear.

Who knew wearing glasses could be so cute?!
Who knew wearing glasses could be so cute?!

Much like me with my holiday shopping, Warby Parker has been busy this season with brand new styles in their Winter Collection, collaborations with Beck and Leith Clark. Additionally, everyone’s favorite eyewear company is available in custom colors and gives back to the community by giving a pair to an eyeglass wearer in need for every pair sold. So basically, Warby Parker is the ultimate feel good gift to give this holiday season.

These glasses are music to my, um, eyes.
These glasses are music to my, um, eyes…

If you’re the kind of gift giver that likes to give the ultimate gift (choice), then Warby Parker has what might be the most adorable gift card promotion I have ever seen in my entire life. Mixing the holiday tradition of gift giving with the creative inspiration that defines Warby Parker, this gift-in-a-gift is sheer genius. Never again will your friend or family member struggle to see or find their snowman-making decorations. With a this year’s gift card, the recipient will have everything they need to make their very own Frosty. (It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole season through!) Another bonus, this gift is gender neutral so share it with anyone who is in need of some new frames to spice up their look!

If you can't "see" how perfectly festive this is, perhaps you need an eye exam.
If you can’t see how perfectly festive this is, perhaps you need an eye exam.

As I mentioned previously, Warby Parker has partnered with music artist Beck and Leith Clark to bring some incredible styles. From tortoise and wood tones to earthy shades of green and grey, there’s nothing in these collections you won’t love. Modern, sophisticated and timeless, Warby Parker should be your go-to when you’re in a “style rut” for eyewear for the everyday and the sunny day. (There’s a reason the Beck-inspired specs are for now sold out!)

These beauties are ready for bright and chic days ahead!
These beauties are ready for bright and chic days ahead!

What do you think of their new collections? Which style is your favorite? Check out my gallery below for more great features from Warby Parker’s and let me know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or by following me on Tumblr.

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xo, Vanessa

Many thanks to Brian at Warby Parker for sharing the above images and inspiration and for inviting me to share it with you!

For more, follow Warby Parker on Facebook, Twitter and shop their Boston store, located at 83 Newbury St., 2nd floor.


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