The Five Resolutions You Should Have For 2014

Recently, a friend and I were discussing our prospective resolutions for 2014. We both acknowledged that having too many goals makes them hard to manage and considered picking one that we could really stick to. I brought up how I really wanted to get into yoga because it has so many benefits and she mentioned that she wanted to work on her procrastination. Only time will tell what woks and what doesn’t in the coming days and months so I’ve rounded up some of the easiest and most popular resolutions for 2014…in case you were in need of any ideas!

Drink more water.
“Drink more water.”

My Mom is always on me for not drinking enough water. Ever since I was little she has claimed that you’re supposed to have at least 8 glasses every day. Well, since running around at work with a Camelback is a tad impractical, swapping out coffee, juice, and soda for H2O seems like a solid start. (Now if only I could eliminate my caffeine addiction altogether…)

Eat healthier.
“Eat healthier.”

Once the New Year’s celebrations have concluded, there will be no excuse for me to default snacking on anything and everything dipped in chocolate. As I reach for more glasses of water, I hope to also skip the gummy bears and cookies and instead reach for fresh fruit or vegetables. I remember a few years back, when I was detoxing for a beach trip, the longer I stayed away from foods with empty calories, high (unnatural) sugar contents and salty coatings, the less I wanted them. Here’s hoping that mindset still works!

Spend more time with family.
“Spend more time with family.”

It’s really easy for me to get caught up with work and city life. I’ve never been great at being everywhere, all the time, for everybody. Come to think of it, nobody is, which is why it’s extra important to show special love to the people who have put up with you since you were in diapers. But how, when you work all the time and there’s little room left for playing, do you make time for family outside of family events? Easy. Invite them to things! I’ve never felt like more of a genius when a bar crawl event pops up and I think, “Dad would LOVE this.” It’s an easy way to share your life with the people you love, doing what you would be doing anyway.

Stop skipping breakfast.
“Stop skipping breakfast.”

When the matter of breakfast comes up, I’m usually the one saying to myself, “I probably should have eaten that.” Nothing is more of a bummer when I’m starving at work and it’s socially acceptable to eat lunch in an hour. Staying in bed an extra ten, fifteen or twenty minutes instead of making myself breakfast always seems like such a good idea when I’m cozy under the blankets but that is a habit that I know I need to break and 2014 seems as good a year as any to do just that.

Live a little.
“Live a little.”

As I mentioned before, for a long time it seems that my mantra has been, “Work hard. Play never.” and in 2014, on the brink of my 25th birthday, I admit that this needs to change. As a twenty-something, I believe that I owe it to myself to have the best years of my life right now and while my adventures from the past year have been pretty spectacular, life only gets better and I plan on enjoying every bit of it.

What are your resolutions? What goals are easier to keep? Sound off in the comments below, by adding your thoughts on Facebook or by sharing with me on Twitter.

Happy New Year!

xo, Vanessa


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