Paws for A Cause: Animal Cruelty Prevention Month, National Pet Month & National Pet ID Week

Happy Spring, April Fools’ Day and Animal Cruelty Prevention Month!

As a proud (co-)owner of a rescue kitten, I’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to introduce all of you to the most recent addition to my family and advocate for a great cause.

Keep reading to experience the trials and tribulations of being a pet parent to one of the snuggliest little balls of fluff that ever existed!

Meet Lucy!
Meet Lucy!

I’m a firm believer in the saying, “everything happens for a reason”. Sure, it takes some action to facilitate the results you want but sometimes the unexpected is better than you imagined. Such is the case with a fortuitous internet search one September evening. I had begun to settle into a great new job but something was still missing. One click on PetFinder is all it took for me to find a sweet little face (with impossibly large eyes and ears) staring back at me. Quickly I reverted to my five-year-old self, begging and pleading with my parents (who also happen to be my landlords), if I could look into adopting her. Her name was Lucy and she was completely black and adorable. After what seemed like a painfully long time, they agreed and said I could look into bringing her home.

Making it official at Angell Animal Medical Center!
Making it official at Angell Animal Medical Center!

On a Tuesday night, my Dad and I drove to Lucy’s foster mom’s home in Randolph, Mass. We were met by an extremely kind couple who were already pet parents to two other very well-mannered cats. After some quick introductions, Lucy’s then-foster Dad stepped into another room to collect Lucy so we could meet her. What he brought back into the room was a tiny little ball of fluff with ears so big she almost looked like a cartoon character. I was in love right away!

While Lucy’s story was a lot better than most rescue pets, we learned that she was born to a neighborhood outdoor cat and was living outdoors with her siblings. Because of the mild temperatures that lasted longer than usual, her litter of kittens was born later in the year and would need a safe place to live as the temperatures got colder. Her foster mom, a veterinary technician at Angell Medical Animal Center, scooped Lucy up one afternoon while she was playing with some of her siblings and brought her indoors, had her spayed and cared for her while she looked for her forever home.

Babies need lots of sleep and Lucy still lives by that mantra!
Babies need lots of sleep and Lucy still lives by that mantra!

A few days later I was at Angell Animal Medical Center, in their adoption wing, checking boxes, paying the adoption fee and trying to keep my cool until I could hop back in the car, drive back to Randolph and bring Lucy home for good. Once she was safely in my car, I made  a mental check-list of some of necessities we’d need to pick up before we finally made it home, not the least of which would be some sort of brightly colored or bell-adorned collar to find her little dark body in my house. my

We’ve had Lucy since October and I’m so happy we made her a part of our family. She has taught me responsibility, patience and organization and that sometimes playing with a really happy kitty is more important than sleeping at 4:15 in the morning. Check out the gallery below for some of my favorite pictures of Lucy:

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On behalf of Lucy and the possibly thousands of animals in need of homes this month and every month, consider rescuing or fostering an animal. The experience, no matter how long, will change your life and will teach you that a little snuggling goes a long way.

Lucy gives a whole new meaning to the term "cat nap".
Lucy gives a whole new meaning to the term “cat nap”.

I’d also like to thank Abbie and DJ for opening their hearts and homes to Lucy and for keeping her safe and healthy until I was able to. And to Dr. Migday and the team at Slade Veterinary Hospital. The world can always use more humans like you!

Check out #Lucythecuriouskitten on Instagram and Twitter and follow me on Facebook to keep up with the other causes and adventures I’m passionate about!

xo, Vanessa


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