A City Girl’s Guide To: Packing Lite

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With summer (and Megan‘s upcoming trip to England) rapidly approaching, I thought I would share with you my must-have packing list for a quick holiday! I use the word “lite” as opposed to light because I believe in packing with more versatility rather than sacrificing quality or quantity. Especially when laundry resources are limited, it is important to maintain a fresh and chic look as simply as possible.

Keep reading to find out what tops, accessories and miscellaneous items I recommend for your suitcases this season and all year long!

Top(s) & Bottom(s) (The basics.)

Tanks, pencil skirts, tunics & more!
Tanks, pencil skirts, tunics & more!

1.Black tank// 2.Pencil skirt// 3.Tunic// 4.Jeans// 5.Daytime dress// 6.Grey top// 7.Bright basics// 8.Cardigan// 9.Black pants// 10.White tank

There are some staples you’re going to need no matter what you’re destination is. Tanks, tunics and skirts are among those items. I like packing pieces that can easily be matched with other basics in my wardrobe. Take the black tank I’ve featured above for example. It pairs easily with the red pencil skirt, jeans, pink skirt and black dress pants. Each of those looks are unique and cater to a specific style.

Here are some packing tips for the items seen above:

Black tank, grey top and white tank: I prefer packing neutral basics with varying sleeve lengths to make layering  and looks much easier to assemble. Weather can be unpredictable and you’ll be glad you have tanks for when it’s warmer and longer sleeves for when you want to be cozier.

Skirts: Skirts are an easy way to take daywear to nightwear with a simple change of shoes or accessories. If day trips on your itinerary include brunches, shopping or cocktail hours, skirts, especially those with a pencil-like cut, are perfectly appropriate.

Tunic: It can be a cover-up, paired with jeans, layered with leggings, over shorts or by itself. This is one item you will be extremely glad to have on hand.

Accessories (Socks, hats & jewelry…oh my!)

You're going to be glad I reminded you about these "must haves"!
You’re going to be glad I reminded you about these “must haves”!

Accessories are the perfect opportunity to add some color to a palette of clothing that might seem bland. Socks, for example, are often hidden under pants or boots in colder climates whereas jewelry (like the watch and lapis rose earrings) is a great way to show off your style personality regardless of the weather. Hats, another vacation essential, are absolutely necessary if you’re headed somewhere sunny or cold.

Lastly, pieces like clutches, belts and scarves are fantastic to bring along if you have the space. I prefer clutches over big bags to keep my hands free. You can have them double as carryall wallets for a night on the town. Belts make pants with belt loops look even more polished and scarves are great for layering, on chilly nights (they double as shawls!) and can work as mini wrap skirts if you’re in the sun.

Miscellaneous (All the little things you might not think of!)

You're going to want to make a checklist for these...
You’re going to want to make a checklist for these…

1.Wallet, credit cards, identification// 2. Phone/ iPod// 3.Snack(s)// 4.Cashmere square // 5.Laptop// 6.Reading material// 7.Sunglasses// 8.Charger// 9.Tote

If you bring nothing else on your getaway, these items are absolutely necessary. Make sure you have a secure place to store your credit cards and identification, a phone and/ or iPod with some great playlists and a snack. (Airline snacks can be yucky and dehydrating!) When trips with a lot of flying are in store, you’re probably going to wish you had something other than a scratchy airline blanket. And some real entertainment. And possibly reading material other than SkyMall. Fly in style with some aviators, prepare your electronics for the long haul and grab a fantastic tote to store it all in.

And have a fantastic trip!

Did I forget something? Feel free to let me know and follow my adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

xo, Vanessa


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