Top 10: Spring Basics That Are Anything But

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I’m so happy to be collaborating with Jordan today and to highlight my favorite wardrobe staples for this season. Since it’s still warming up in my native Boston, allow me to share with you what city girls need to survive until summer is in full swing!

This is how a New England girl survives chilly spring weather!
These are a few of my favorite things.

My Top 10

1. Ankle bootie: When people think of boots, they often think of rugged, heavy or clunky shoes that don’t necessarily lend themselves to enhancing your look. That is why I love ankle booties, the footwear that surpasses expectations and can be that little bit of edge you need under a feminine maxi skirt.

Shop it here.

2. Bangles: “The young, cool models wear fun, colorful, plastic versions with their T-shirts and Converse. Actresses often choose to wear a pile of thin gold ones as their armor on the red carpet. And the “It” girls go for funky ethnic styles from India and Africa.” Or so says my style guru Nina Garcia…

Shop them here.

3. Cable-Knit Sweater: You’re bound to have a chilly day when you’re going to wish you had something cozy to throw over your shoulders. Look no further than this fashion staple for springtime baseball games or for a timeless top to pair with jeans on a chilly day trip.

Shop it here.

4. Man’s White Shirt: I believe this is a staple not because its my favorite way to cover up at the beach in the summer but because it can be used all year ’round, can be purchased for cheap and goes with everything. Belt one over a pair of jeans and you instantly master the artsy-chic look.

Shop similar.

5. Driving Shoe: There are fewer shoes that look more luxe and ready for an adventure than driving shoes. For a city girl like me, comfort is key when it comes to shoes and my shoes need to hold up on cobblestone streets, brick-laid pathways and busy city sidewalks and these lovely things are just the shoes for the job.

Shop them here.

6. Lingerie: I recently saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers pair a sleek and silky slip with a leather motorcycle jacket. It was one of the most creative and unconventionally feminine pairings I’ve ever seen. Her look has inspired me to whip out some of my longer slips and save them from winter storage for warmer weather wear.

Shop it here.

7. Espadrilles: Nothing says “summer is coming” like espadrilles. They’re fun and flirty and often have a study wedge on which to elevate your look. Espadrilles are great to pair with everything from cropped pants to high waisted shorts and they don’t have to break the bank!

Shop them here.

8. Frye Harness: Shoes that look good beaten up and loved are hard to come by. With Frye being the oldest, continuously operating shoes company in the United States, you know these tried and true classics are a trustworthy addition to your closet on the days when a more delicate boot just won’t do.

Shop them here.

9. Havianas: I can’t tell you how many years it took for me to find a brand that makes a consistent style of flip flop. I used to think I was crazy when every year the Old Navy styles I had loved in high school would be slightly different every time I need a new pair. Havianas, however, have been as steadfast and versatile as a sandal should be. They’re soft and light and I want a pair in every color!

Shop them here.

10. Nail polish: As the weather warms up you’ll likely be ready to show a little toe in some peek-a-boo pumps or slip-ons. Make sure your digits are manicured and moisturized since they won’t be hiding in mittens or jacket pockets anymore!

Shop it here.

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xo, Vanessa


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