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It might sound silly to say, but I have never been comfortable in hats. Whether it be a sunhat, a Gentleman’s Hat or a baseball cap, I always feel like I’m not a “hat person”. However, the truth is, everyone is a hat person, just like everyone is an “old concert tee” person or a “pajama person”. Hats are staples just as much as your favorite brand of champagne. So, in order to get over my fear of floppy, sun-blocking, bad hair day concealing accessories, here’s a round-up of some of the chic-est hats on the market and why you absolutely must have them.

Keep reading to see what’s made my wish list this season!

It's so hard not to love this great finds!
It’s so hard not to love these great finds!

The fedora: Everytime someone tries to tell me that fedoras are “out” I am so tempted to whip out a picture of Justin Timberlake. The guy brought sexy back so what’s a Prohibition-era hat to him? Nothing, I tell you. Especially if it has a little feminine detailing like this one. It’s Not A Bad Thing to fall in love with this little cutie!

Shop it here.

The chic baseball cap: The element of surprise is key when it comes to having enviable style. Traditional baseball caps are monochrome or two-tone but not this one. Great for a Cape Cod baseball game or a sunny day trip to the North Shore, stripes (or spots) are a fun and fresh way to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Shop it here.

The floppy fashionista wide-brim: If I had this wool hat, I’d never put it away for the season. On chilly or rainy summer days, this perfect piece is great to vary the dimension of high-waisted shorts, crop tops or harem pants. It’s a play right out of the festival style playbook and it has this city girl’s seal of approval.

Shop it here.

The New England staple: To be an iconic “New England girl”, there is nothing more eye-catching than a little pink whale. In almost any form, Vineyard Vines is a classic addition to your wardrobe which is why I recommend one of their baseball caps to top off your look. They can be worn to everything from Sox games and spontaneous dates to 5k’s and breakfast runs. And no matter what your hair looks like underneath, no one is the wiser with a cute little whale on top!

Shop it here.

The beach babe uniform: If the wide-brimmed beauty up top is too much for you, here is the warm weather equivalent. It’s ideal for that beach day when you’re feeling a little retro or for a day at the races. You can pair this with a maxi dress and a glass of sangria or sip some iced tea while facing an ocean breeze. Either way, you’re going to look marvelous with the help of this accessory.

Shop it here:

The exaggerated “Indiana Jones”: I’ve heard that the first depiction of hats traces back to Thebes and was seen on a man but as it has been proven over time, anything men can do, women can do better. And clearly that includes hats given that this little number is clearly meant for a lady’s head.

Shop similar here.

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xo, Vanessa


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