things i did: Charity Fashion Show by CAbi

It’s no secret that I love fashion. I live it, wear, read it… I think it’s seriously overlooked that fashion has a significant role to play in society, especially when it comes to connecting excellent causes and the community. This past weekend I was able to see this in action and participated in my first fashion show since I was a little girl.

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The loveliest brand you've never heard of.
The loveliest brand you’ve never heard of. (Via The Gracious Posse)

"In" hair & make-up...
“In” hair & make-up…

I “met” CAbi a few years back when my Mom came home with a miniature catalog after visiting a friend. The clothes were sophisticated but not too old for a twenty-soemthing to appreciate and I adored the timelessness of many of the pieces. Flash forward to several weeks ago when an idea was pitched to run a fundraiser for the building of a local library and the idea to incorporate a fashion show as an attraction. With my Mom being involved in the project through her board of teen advisors who direct the programming of the Framingham Public Library‘s Homework Center, she asked me if I would be a part of this idea by participating as a model. Cue the runway music…

Run of show.
Run of show.

“From the time she was a little girl, Carol Anderson loved fashion. This took her from Omaha to Los Angeles where she was able to pursue her dream of being a designer. After working for a design firm, Carol teamed up with a good friend, Jan Janura, who believed in her designs and took them to Nordstrom, where she became a beloved brand, and garnered a loyal following in other department stores and boutiques across America. As their business grew, their love did as well, and they became husband and wife.”

Some of the "looks" from Spring 2014.
Some of the “looks” from Spring 2014.

Our style story really begins with my Mom, her CAbi consultant, a few of her friends, local leaders and myself in the comfort of my kitchen, trying on piece after piece of the spring CAbi line to assemble the perfect outfits for the show. The style of CAbi is so versatile and comfortable that it is very easy to take any piece from day-to-night. The other part I love about this line is its revolutionary way of being a style for real women with genuine tastes and comfort levels and making style, in general, a very real and attainable thing.

Staying serious on the runway is hard!
Staying serious on the runway is hard work! (Via Framingham Patch)

We took our looks to the Framingham Public Library last Saturday and showed them to our family, friends and neighbors over tea and treats with an opportunity to shop afterwards. I wore everything from dresses to jeggings and jeans to shorts. I loved every look in the show, mostly because I knew the women wearing them and it made CAbi style so relatable, like a friend. I think a lot of the other women (or should I say models) were very comfortable (aside from the initial stage fright) to help raise money in clothes that were not too far out of their comfort zones even if strutting their stuff made them a little shy.

Here I'm modeling my second of four outfits. Isn't that Needle Lace Shell just gorgeous?!
Here I’m modeling my second of four outfits. Isn’t that Needle Lace Shell just gorgeous?! (Via Framingham Patch)

After the fashion show, attendees were able to purchase pieces by browsing catalogs and clothing racks our CAbi consultant had brought along, some of which had not been featured in the show. It was a brilliant way to share the CAbi love and continue to raise money for the new library. The models I spoke with were really glad to have been a part of the experience and some even went home anticipating the delivery of the items they had worn in the show. It was so fun to be a part of this experience, not just for myself but for my Mom, my community and the new memories that will be made at a new library.

And one last shot because I'm such a sucker for exposed zippers!
And one last shot because I’m such a sucker for exposed zippers! (Via Framingham Patch)

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And read more about CAbi this great #catwalkforacause here.

xo, Vanessa


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