#Workinggirlproblems (& Solutions!)

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I’d like to thank Beth for having me guest post and for the opportunity to share with you some fantastic hacks for surviving your 9-to-5. For many of you who have graduated or finally landed your dream job, sometimes the daily grind can just be too much to handle, especially if the subway is running behind & your feet are quickly getting tired of your heels.

Keep reading to find out how I fix daily flops & keep my cool on crazy days!

Get your buzz on a better way!
Get your buzz on a better way! (Via Flickr)

1.#buzzed –  Take it easy on the caffeine. While there are certain benefits to drinking caffeine in the morning, the jury still seems to be out on the benefits of more than a couple cups of coffee and pretty much energy drinks as a whole. Skip the controversy and wake yourself up with a chilled cup of apple juice as studies have shown it might be just as effective.

How are we doing today?
How are we doing today? (Via Boutiquetoyou.co.uk)

2. #isitfiveoclockyet- Take a brain vacation. Every twenty minutes, look at something else. Every morning I make a check-list for myself so that I give my eyes a break from the harsh computer screen lighting and re-evaluate my goals for the day. By 5 o’clock I have a good sense of how productive I was and what tasks should be a priority for the following day.

Wanna get away? Bring a book!
Wanna get away? Bring a book! (Via LoLoBu)

3. #onewomanbookclub – Plan for some light reading. Interviews start late, trains are delayed and lunch breaks can be lonely. Pack a book you’ve been dying to get through (or start a new one) for your travels throughout the day and you’ll never be bored or need to look at your iPhone screen unless it’s absolutely necessary.

You could probably try living without these things at your desk but I wouldn't recommend it.
You could probably try living without these things at your desk but I wouldn’t recommend it.

4. #instaoffice – Organize your desk. There are probably a lot of things you don’t actually need to hold onto. Here are nine things you probably should have on hand. Also, a clean and organized workspace makes for a much more relaxed employee. Try it!

Because "sorry, I can't" is not a reason, it's an excuse.
Because “sorry, I can’t” is not a reason, it’s an excuse. (Via Alanah Lyyzette)

5. #cheers – Be Happy Hour ready! Aside from the items above, you’ll never need to miss an office bonding Happy Hour or panic when that cute guy in Accounting asks you out for a drink as long as you have a fresh shade of gloss or tinted balm, a powder brush, shine topper or spot concealer and pressed powder. Cover any unsightly blemishes, gently dust your face, carefully rub color onto the apples of your cheeks and you’re ready to head out again without having to head home first!

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xo, Vanessa

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