Summer Drags (& Quick Fixes)

In case Hurricane Arthur hadn’t made it perfectly clear, summer is here and with it comes some of the most annoying beauty blunders. From bumpy bikini lines to melting make-up, there is no end to the number of frustrating things that need fixing throughout any given summer day.

Feeing a little crispy? Here's how to fix it.
Feeing a little crispy? Here’s how to fix it. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for the top ten tips & tricks for surviving the summer that I swear by with some (unofficial) P.S.A.’s from celebs!

Banish the bumps!
Banish the bumps! (Photo credit.)

Problem: Bumpy bikini line

Solution: Swipe on deodorant post-shave.

I read this tip in one of the many magazines I pour over on long trips and have sworn by it ever since. Use your favorite clear solid to avoid unsightly redness & bumps!

Your hair doesn't have to be a frenemy.
Your hair doesn’t have to be a frenemy. (Photo credit.)

Problem: Frizzy hair

Solution: Anti-freeze serum

I shampoo my whole head, condition half my hair and evenly distribute a nickel-sized amount of serum on the lower half to one-third of my hair to make sure its clean and sleek.

Celebs: They get blemishes too.
Celebs: They get blemishes too. (Photo credit.)

Problem: Blemishes

Solution: Starbucks napkins

In case you thought you couldn’t love Starbucks anymore, their napkins are amazing at blotting an oily T-zone.

Because scratching isn't going to fix anything.
Because scratching isn’t going to fix anything. (Photo credit.)

Problem: Bug bites

Solution: Cortisone cream

I recommend any kind that features moisturizing qualities to speed up the healing process.

Even Angels have heat mishaps.
Even Angels have heat mishaps. (Photo credit.)

Problem: Sweat stains

Solution: Lemon juice

Squeeze lemon juice into stains to remove stains from clothes completely.

It isn't that red looks bad on her but...
It isn’t that red looks bad on her but… (Photo credit.)

Problem: Sunburn

Solution: Chill your facial and after sun creams.

To save skin that has suffered significant sun damage, one way to help it heal is by soothing the skin and moisturizing to help recover. Freezing aloe vera in an ice tray is also a similarly great trick.

The three step solution: Day cream, primer, & powder.
The four step solution: Day cream, primer, foundation & powder. (Photo credit.)

Problem: Melting make-up

Solution: A solid base

What you do past the moisturizing, priming, covering and matte-fying, is totally up to you but your bronzer and blush are only as good as their base.

You don't gotta get this look.
You don’t gotta get this look. (Photo credit.)

Problem: Oily hairline

Solution: Baby powder

For a quick fix, dust some translucent powder on your roots and tease your roots with your fingertips. I’m a big fan of Johnson’s baby powder in a travel size for easy fixes on-the-go.

You can still be a golden goddess if work doesn't allow for a day with your feet in the sand.
You can still be a golden goddess if work doesn’t allow for a day with your feet in the sand. (Photo credit.)

Problem: Not a single day off to visit the beach

Solution: Make-your-own bronzer

Just mix together 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of cocoa, 1 teaspoon of nutmeg and 2 teaspoons of cornstarch. Instant glow!

Your look & make-up collection don't have to suffer just because it's warm out.
Your look & make-up collection don’t have to suffer just because it’s warm out. (Photo credit.)

Problem: Crumbling make-up

Solution: Freeze your eyeliner

Letting your make-up chill about 15 minutes prior to use to keep it intact and ready to use.

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