How To: Be A “FIT” Girl

In keeping with my mission to stay in some kind of shape this year, I’ve been trying out everything from at-home workouts to running club and DanceFIT. Because gym memberships are expensive and let’s be honest, real city girls ain’t got time fo’ dat, there are plenty of ways to stay fit in the city for free.

Keep reading for my tips for staying fit in the city!

Put this on and get out there!
Put this on and get out there! (Via Etsy)

Stairmaster? Try BEING a Stair Master.
Stairmaster? Try BEING a Stair Master. (Photo credit.)

Take the stairs.

Everywhere. I was in the best shape of my life my freshman year of college and I’d like to attribute that (in some small part) to my willingness to take the stairs over opting for the elevator. Over time, stair walking has benefits that include; improved cardiovascular fitness, a stronger musculoskeletal system and a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer. It also tones your butt…so there’s that.

Get out there. The great outdoors, your local park. Just do it!
Get out there. The great outdoors, your local park…just do it! (Photo credit.)

Run somewhere scenic.

In my native Boston, this route is most commonly known as the Charles River. A couple months back, some of my colleagues and I reinvigorated a running club to make this already gorgeous routine social and inspiring. On average, I run between three and five miles, once a week with this crew (baby steps for this non-runner) and it has made me feel significantly better about my Taco Salad Tuesday affinity.

Park benches: They're not just for people watching anymore.
Park benches: They’re not just for people watching anymore. (Photo credit.)

Push-ups in the park.

A good push-up engages (at least) four muscle groups and requires no props or special environment to be effective. You can get great toning in your chest, arms and shoulders by incorporating push-ups into a regular workout routine. Having it be Instagram-able also helps.

S-l-o-w-i-t-d-o-w-n. (Photo credit.)

Sit pretty in the Garden.

Post-9-to-5, sometimes all you need is a quiet space with some gentle ambient noise to stretch and calm your nerves. Packing a yoga mat and doing a few sun salutations in the park is an excellent (and free) way to achieve this relaxing workout goal. Yoga can help to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and improve posture. Does your 9-to-5 do that? Didn’t think so…

Get a different perspective & a new approach to feeling good.
Get a different perspective & a new approach to feeling good. (Photo credit.)

Skip public transportation.

There’s nothing I hate more than getting ready in the morning, only to have my carefully volumnized hairstyle to be destroyed by sweltering public transportation. Aside from acquiring the perfect windblown look via the inevitable passage through wind tunnels, walking deflects diabetes and stress and increases blood flow to the brain which can improve your memory. In short, there’s no better way to start your day.

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xo, Vanessa


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