Reading List: The Time of My Life

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My blog is a collection of tips & lessons I’ve curated from my adventures living, playing & working in the city (along with some other lovely people, places & things I fall in love with along the way). I’d like to thank Kayla for having me guest post and to share with you my new favorite book.

Summer (book) lovin', happened so fast...
Summer (book) lovin’, happened so fast… (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for one of the most warm, thought-provoking & relatable books you’ll read all summer.

I’ve yet to meet a person who didn’t like P.S. I Love You. I have yet to read the book, but after hearing that the author of one of my most favorite motion pictures of all time was a whimsical, heartwarming international bestseller, I couldn’t resist picking up The Time of My Life by Cecilia Ahern.

The Time of My Life
The Time of My Life (Photo credit.)

The book is a “sweet moral tale” that is both magical and natural. I found myself laughing on the train, touched (while serving jury duty) & motivated at coffee shops all from this little book. Set in modern-day Ireland, we meet our main character (and new best friend,) Lucy Silchester who is seriously neglecting her Life. We meet this Life in a similar fashion that Lucy does; abruptly, inconveniently and somewhat obnoxiously, even though he is just trying to help. (Oh, I’m sorry, did you expect your life to be a “she”?!” Please allow me to warn you that is not the only wonderful surprise you’ll come across.)

In the beginning, Lucy  is more like me than I would like. At the end, she and I have mutual agreement that our lives our pretty fantastic, even when they’re not perfect…and we know that we need to be accepting and accountable for the decisions we make. (That’s what being a real grown-up is, after all.)

What started out as a library book became a birthday wish list item and thanks to my lovely sister, I now have a copy of my very own to highlight, dog-ear & love until the pages start to separate from the binding.


Lucy Silchester has an appointment with her life – and she’s going to have to keep it.

Lying on Lucy Silchester’s carpet one day when she returns from work is a gold envelope. Inside is an invitation – to a meeting with Life. Her life. It turns out she’s been ignoring it and it needs to meet with her face to face.

It sounds peculiar, but Lucy’s read about this in a magazine. Anyway, she can’t make the date: she’s much too busy despising her job, skipping out on her friends and avoiding her family.

Escape (responsibly) with this summer read you won’t be able to put it down whether you’re at the beach, in the mountains or at your desk. Sorry I’m not sorry that you’ll probably consider neglecting some parts of your life when you get your hands on this book but take my advice and enjoy your life. This book with be ready and waiting for you with open arms when you get back. (And maybe there will be a movie soon?!)

What I learned: Get lost but learn how to find yourself.
What I learned: Get lost but learn how to find yourself. (Photo credit.)

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xo, Vanessa


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