A Few Words On the People, Places & Things I Love…

Have you ever done something just because it makes you feel good and then, somewhere along the way, someone says to you, “Hey, you know that thing you do for fun and never expect to be recognized for?  Well, I just want you to know that I think it’s pretty cool.”? That happened to me. Well, kind of.

OOTD's are just the icing on the cake.
OOTD’s are just the icing on the cake.

It all started with an e-mail from The Boston A-List, telling me that I had been nominated, or rather A City Girl’s Guide To Life had been nominated, as Boston’s Best Fashion blog. It was 100% anonymous, 100% unexpected and 100% sweet of whoever it was that is such a fan of my musings that they felt I was deserving to be ranked anywhere on that list.

Keep reading to hear more about the people, places & things that have made all the difference on my blogging journey.

Views like this make me so grateful that I live in one of the best cities to explore & write about.
Views like this make me so grateful that I live in one of the best cities to explore & write about.

Because I don’t know who to thank specifically, it only feels right to thank everyone; all of you who contributed to the  451 Facebook fans, 832 Twitter followers and 705 IGers who remind me to keep it fun and fresh. To the brands like Benefit, Bouqs, CAbi, Category 5, Goose Island & Warby Parker who have been so lovely to have reached out or caught me in the right place at the right time.

Self-proclaimed professional city girl. That's me.
Self-proclaimed professional city girl. That’s me.

And to the bloggers like Alex, Ellen, Ingrid, Jacqueline, Orly, Samantha and Tiffany who have created some incredible opportunities for this blog to reach its 16,000+ page views where I talk about my adventures living, working & playing in the greatest city in the world. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

The sights, sounds & people who inspire me are the best part of being a blogger.
The sights, sounds & people who inspire me are the best part of being a blogger.

But I’m not the only one that feels this way about blogging and I learned it from some of the best. Here are seven of some of the greatest bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, sharing their reasons for being part-time bloggers & full-time inspirations:

Alex, Undergraduate Style

Instagram: @undergraduatestyle
Instagram: @undergraduatestyle

I blog to document my style journey and to show college students that they CAN have a classic wardrobe, even in college!

EllenA Pop of Pink

Instagram: @eborza
Instagram: @eborza

I blog because I love to share what’s going on in my life. It’s a chance to share my experiences and to relate to others who otherwise I would never meet. Plus, I love to talk about fashion, and it’s great to meet other girls who love it too!

Ingrid, Smilingrid

Pinterest: smilingrid
Pinterest: smilingrid

I blog because I love life, people, and writing! Blogging lets me record the little adventures that make up life, meet new people, and (obviously!) write about both.

Jacqueline, Polished Perfectly

Twitter: @bloggingbeauty
Twitter: @bloggingbeauty

I blog because it’s a way for me to improve my writing, make connections with those who share my interests, and share experiences!

Orly, Coffee Beans and High Heels

Pinterest: coffeeheels
Pinterest: coffeeheels

I blog because I want to be an Editor-In-Chief someday, and I love writing. It is my outlet.

SamanthaThe Lazy Girl Guide

Twitter: @sammmreid
Twitter: @sammmreid

I originally started blogging because writing was a very natural outlet for me to express myself. Since then, it’s become a great way to really hone my skills and look to writing as a career path.

Tiffany, TorontoBlonde

Twitter: @TiffanyWoodxo
Twitter: @TiffanyWoodxo

I blog to teach, interact with and entertain girls all over the world who share my passion for everything style.

For more on my favorite healthy eating tips, what I’m reading this summer and my favorite East Coast style looks, follow me on Facebook, Foursquare & Instagram.

Oh, and would you be so kind as to vote here?

xo, Vanessa


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