How To Wear: Yellow

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.

As you may recall, a couple of months ago I shared my styling tips for wearing purple on Casey Messmer’s blog. Today’s post is inspired by the cloudy days I’ve been experiencing up in Boston and the best shade for a summer-y pop of color.

Shine on with my sets as styled on Polyvore.
Shine on with my sets as styled on Polyvore.

Keep reading for how I maintain a sunny disposition in my wardrobe and beyond!

If you’re an East Coast girl like me, it’s easy to default on black, blues and charcoals when it comes to easy outfit selection. Brighter or more unusual colors are harder to pair if your wardrobe consists of conservative or easy-to-match pieces. Follow my seven styling tips to pull off this cheerful trend flawlessly:

Shailene Woodley in lemon-colored yoga gear.
Shailene Woodley in lemon-colored yoga gear. (Photo credit.)

1. Compliment yourself.

The key to wearing colors is to know which shades suit you and make you look (and feel) your best. You can ease yourself into wearing something other than neutrals by working a fresh color like yellow into your yoga gear like the tank (#1) above. Pay attention to hues and silhouettes to guarantee compliments & confidence!

Shop the look here.

2. Keep it simple.

If you’re a color-wearing novice, simple pieces that highlight your style are perfectly good ways to showcase new hues. Let the statement piece steal the show but don’t be afraid to make the background an equally chic component like the ballet flats (#2) shown above.

Shop the look here.

Olivia Palermo in a mustard cable knit sweater.
Olivia Palermo in a mustard cable knit sweater. (Photo credit.)

3. Be bold.

I find that sometimes it’s best to just throw myself into a trend and wait to see what kind of reactions I get. Pieces like the cable knit sweater above (#3) are classic but often not considered in things other than traditional shades. You can pull off a fashion experiment like this by wearing jeans, fitted khakis or leather pants that make a statement and look chic simultaneously.

Shop the look here.

4. Try the understated look.

If determining your perfect shade seems too scientific, accessories are the best way to try out an unfamiliar style. Since I tend to fall back on black often, a little glint of yellow gold as seen in the earrings (#4) above. Little black dresses with metallic detailing (ex. buttons or exposed zippers) are also fairly easy ways to incorporate color in a solid ensemble.

Shop the look here.

Blake Lively breaks up her golden look with turquoise earrings.
Blake Lively breaks up her golden look with turquoise earrings. (Photo credit.)

5. Break it up.

 If you’re feeling adventurous or want to wear more of a one-piece option like the evening gown (#5) above, consider making it stand out even more by working in complimenting pieces in alternate colors like cobalt blue, grape, nude, black & white. Contrasting details draw attention to your lines and help you stand out.

Shop the look here.

6. When it doubt, choose canary.

I have yet to meet a person who didn’t look good in canary yellow but if you’re hesitant, pick up a piece you can ditch if you don’t need it like the hobo bag (#6) above. Hobo bags are great because it hold everything, slings over your shoulder and looks effortlessly casual even if it’s in a shade that says, “It took me two weeks to decide that this was the investment bag purchase of the year”.

Shop the look here.

Jessica Alba layers with a delicate scarf.
Jessica Alba layers with a delicate scarf. (Photo credit.)

7. Consider your inventory.

As summer winds down, I’m sure I’ll be looking to pick up a few brighter pieces for my closet that address the changing of the seasons like the gloves (#7) above. Going forward, I know that a lot of my outerwear could use a great piece to add a fun shade to the shorter days and prepare me for the hibernating of my closet go-to’s that are reserved solely for playing in the sun.

Shop the look here.

So then I took my turn,
Oh what a thing to have done,
And it was all yellow.

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xo, Vanessa

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