What I Wore: Summer Weekend Edition

On any given weekend, I’m with my family, grabbing coffee, running errands or meeting up with friends. From morning to night and shoes to hats, there’s no telling what kind of outfit I’ll put together.

#whatiwore & more on Polyvore.
#whatiwore & more on Polyvore.

Keep reading for seven looks I love & some style inspiration for your weekend!

From day to night.
From day to night.

Friday night: Drinks after work

Friday is a tricky day for free-spirited fashion. For those of us who don’t have the luxury of summer Fridays, we sometime get the luxury of casual Friday. Flowy dresses and pumps in complimenting shades look great under blazers and on their own after you punch the clock. When after work invitations pop up, it’s good to be spontaneous and be mostly ready to enjoy them and wearing an appropriate, comfortable and versatile outfit is the key .

Rise and shine.
Rise and shine.

Saturday morning: Coffee at home

As much as I (kind of) hate to admit it, my weekends start just like my weekdays: with coffee. One would think that drinking a cozy beverage would require very little effort on the outfit-building front. That would be true if I didn’t think that cute pajamas were extremely underrated.

Out & about.
Out & about.

Saturday afternoons: Errands with Dad

Saturday is a big errands day in my family. After properly caffienate-ing ourselves, Dad and I head out and check off our weekly to-do lists. Midway through the day we often grab a quick bite and it’s so great to eat well, when you’re feeling accomplished & dressed marvelously.

"We're way too young to be sittin' at home…"
“We’re way too young to be sittin’ at home…”

Saturday nights: Out with friends

Weekdays can feel very long and I tend not to go out on week nights. By Saturday this usually means that I’m ready to hit the town with friends, sip sparkly drinks on a roof deck somewhere or hang out on the waterfront.

Did somebody say "mimosa brunch"?!
Did somebody say “mimosa brunch”?!

Sunday mornings: Brunch

Sundays were made for late breakfasts. Whether I’m out in the city or at home, my day doesn’t start until I’ve had a cup of coffee and a seedless pumpernickel bagel. Actually, I make exceptions on the bagel front but I don’t compromise when it comes to what is coming out of my closet.

Uptown girl.
Uptown girl.

Sunday afternoons: Lunch (or snacks) in the city

In the case that a belated breakfast pushes back the plans of the day, I am usually in dire need of a bite around two o’clock. Sundays are my favorite days to play tourist because the crowds usually hit most of the major attractions when they have a full day to do so. Roof deck lunches, picnics in the Public Gardens and wandering up and down Newbury Street are perfect ways to start to part with my weekend.

Retreat, recover, re-appreciate, repeat.
Retreat, recover, re-appreciate, repeat.

Sunday nights: Blogging on the couch

As every blogger knows, new ideas for content are everywhere and getting a few minutes to collect those thoughts on more than just a paper napkin or note in your iPhone is rare and wonderful. I love curling up on a Sunday night (the rainier the better) and finally putting my creativity to words. And I try do so as comfortably as possible with some great background sound and a warm cup of tea nearby.

For more on what I wear, what I order & who inspires me, follow me on Bloglovin’, Facebook & Foursquare.

xo, Vanessa


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