Sneak Peek: “If I Stay” + Giveaway {CLOSED}

I’m not a big movie person. Unless it’s a Saturday night and I’ve decided to stay in and I’m alone and I have no good ideas for background noise while I write. In that case, I am a movie person but I don’t make it a point to go to the movies. I mean really, after the cost of two tickets (because who wants to go alone), the necessary popcorn & appropriate accouterment, I’m at least halfway into a new pair of shoes I love but haven’t even met yet.

When I saw a promotion on Facebook from Refinery29 for a movie premiere in my favorite city I figured that this was my chance to finally know something about a movie people will be buzzing about and early. The movie, If I Stay, based on the novel by Gayle Foreman, “stars Chloë Grace Moretz as Mia, a young cellist who experiences loss, struggle, perseverance, and passion — all through an out-of-body experience where she has to decide if she should live for love.” (Refinery29)

If I Stay (via myfictionalboyfriend) opens August 22nd.
If I Stay (via myfictionalboyfriend) opens August 22nd.

Keep reading about my city girl adventure with the most bittersweetly wonderful movie of the summer!

QOTD. (Photo credit.)

An outing that begins with a catch-up with a long lost (okay, like 365 days) friend over margaritas, Mexican food and a movie can only end one way: perfectly…while wiping tears away over Dippin’ Dots. Last Thursday night was no different. I’m not sure what I was most excited about to be quite honest since treating my college friend Chrissy to my complimentary “plus one” ticket was really the icing on the cake.

Another teen love movie? Think again.
Another teen love movie? Think again. (Photo credit.)

After a quick bite at Fajitas & ‘Ritas, where we ordered refreshing strawberry & mango margaritas, we made our way to the Loews cinema on Tremont Street for the 7:30pm showing of If I Stay. Now, before I go any further, I’d like to disclose that when it comes to movies based on books, typically I prefer to read the story before Hollywood tells me what the characters and setting look like but in this case, I didn’t have a lot of time and quickly accepted that Chloë Grace Moretz must be the best possible choice for whatever role she had in this flick.

What if I told you there was some Beyoncé in the movie too...
What if I told you there was some Beyoncé in the movie too… (Photo credit.)

And boy, was I impressed. Like many other twenty-somethings, I have a hard time keeping track of all of these new Hollywood faces that  pop up about as often as seasonal fashion trends. However, my honest opinion is that Chloë Grace Moretz is a face worth remembering. And Jamie Blackley is as well. I think what I loved most about this move is that it was a family movie, a romantic comedy and a drama all in one. It was also a major crying movie but I’m not even ashamed to admit that since I’m pretty sure I was sniffling in unison with Chrissy and very one else that filled theater 1 at the Loews on Tremont Street.

Doesn't this look like a cozy combination?!
Doesn’t this look like a cozy combination?!

In celebration of If I Stay coming to theaters on August 22, I’m running a giveaway for an exclusive soft pink hoodie (NWT, size MEDIUM) and preview booklet on the print version of If I Stay, Where She Went (the sequel) & Gayle Forman’s other book I Was Here. If you like Chloë Grace Moretz, movies about cute guys who are musicians, love stories or being warm in a chilly movie theater during the summer, you can enter below.

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Congratulations Nicole!

Don't you just want to curl up & start reading?!
Don’t you just want to curl up & start reading?!

Good luck!

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xo, Vanessa

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  1. hi! it’s so great to find another boston blogger! 🙂 glad you enjoyed the movie – i felt on the fence after watching the preview but i’ll be sure to check it out!

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