BTS: The Twenty-Something Edition

I’m fairly certain that my habit of adding a few new things to my wardrobe every season got started with the tradition of back-to-school shopping at the start of every school year. Not only were my parents pros in helping me pick out the cutest pieces to wear at school (especially in those annual school pictures I’ll never live down) but they also helped me spruce up my wardrobe without having to redo it entirely.

The ultimate shopping guide for fall!
The ultimate shopping guide for fall!

Keep reading for my top 10 picks for your closet this season, inspired by the smart shopping my parents taught me!

The trick to adding new pieces to your wardrobe is to ensure that they fit your style and are functional, therefore making them worth the investment. Here are ten staples that are great additions to your wardrobe if they haven’t already:

Throw on this good kind of shade.
Throw on this good kind of shade. (Photo credit.)


Just because summer days are coming to a close doesn’t mean that the sun will be any less blinding on your commute home. Plus, you’ll be able to hang onto that summer chic look you’ve grown so fond of over the past few months.

Driving shoes

If you were looking for an alternative to the flats and slip-ons you so often sport when sandal season has given it a rest, look no further. Wear them with white jeans on Causal Fridays or khakis and a blouse for an easy, classy, comfortable and luxe look.

Exotic skin bag

When I started buying into the monochrome look I worried that my accessories would suffer because of my all-black, all-white or all-camel look. Then I discovered the richness of an exotic skin against neutral tones and realized that no one is going to mess with the girl who looks like she wrangled whatever animal is being imitated on her faux leather clutch…even if it’s from Target.

Prove that there are no holes in your style strategy except for those intended in your hosiery.
Prove that there are no holes in your style strategy except for those intended in your hosiery. (Photo credit.)

Fishnet tights

I’m not all pencil skirts and shift dresses. Sometimes I like knee high boots and crop tops. (Just not together.) When I’m looking for an edge, fishnet tights are a great option. Sneaking out of peep-toe pumps is my personal favorite way to showcase this look.

Gentlemen’s hat

But back to those pencil skirts for a second (because they’re awfully versatile)…you know what balances out an ultra-femenine look? A dash of something masculine! And nothing beats out the classic look of a fedora, trilby or panama hat. Snag a style in straw to extend your summer look beyond the dogs days and into autumn.

Hoop Earrings

I’m notorious for never switching from my diamond studs but if there’s one look I really admire it’s that of the hoop earring. Maybe it’s because Gretchen Weiners was so obsessed with them or the fact that they’re “an old standby” when it comes to looking luxe without needing to break the bank…

What's on your playlist?
What’s on your playlist? (Photo credit.)


My favorite song changes about as quickly as the trends every season. Wanna know what I’m listening to?

Storm Warning-Hunter Hayes// Take A Back Road-Rodney Atkins// Upgrade U-Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z// We Were Us-Keith Urban feat. Miranda Lambert// Young Free-Lover Lover//At Last-Etta James// Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson

L.L. Bean Tote

Nothing looks more like a New England summer than one of these totes with a monogram splashed across the front. They carry everything and are so durable you can use them from one season tot he next without even needing tot hunk about it.

Missoni knit

The one piece on this list that should not be sacrificed at check-out. Wearing Missoni will guarantee that you will stand out for all the right reasons and fashionistas with a real eye will admire you from afar. I recommend trying to thrift this as Missoni prints only get better with time.

A basic that looks anything but.
A basic that looks anything but. (Photo credit.)

Plain white tee

I bet some of you are asking yourselves, “Is she really recommending Hanes?” The answer is yes. Nothing says “I woke up like this” more than an effortless look lead by simple styling with a white tee. Everyone thinks you just threw it on but only you know it took weeks to find a tee so perfectly soft that it almost became a part-time job.

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xo, Vanessa


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