Style Inspiration: Claire Underwood

In case you missed it, everyone’s favorite political drama is back on February 27th! That’s right, House of Cards is coming soon to a Netflix account near you and I can hardly wait to be a part of Frank Underwood’s brilliantly conniving schemes once again. But as much as I love Frank Underwood, what I really can’t wait for are Claire Underwood’s brilliant fashion choices.

I love her style. I love it "more than sharks love blood."
I love her style. I love it “more than sharks love blood.” (Photo credit.)

Keep reading after the jump for how to style yourself like the other half of Washington’s most cutthroat power couple!

Claire Underwood
A little white dress is never overrated. (Photo credit.)

To start, Claire’s wardrobe has a lot of chic, dark neutrals like black and grey. The palette she implements makes matching and pairing very easy. She chooses staples like button-up shirts, crew neck tee shirts (likely made of cotton that breathe on humid summer days in D.C.) & sheath dresses that flatter throughout.

Get the look.

Claire Underwood
Even Claire knows that sometimes really expensive shoes make the worst enemies. (Photo credit.)

Even Claire’s footwear and accessories are so simple and flawless that she gives a whole new meaning to effortless beauty. Heels with gorgeous lines won’t weight her down when walking out to her town car and activewear that is more Catwoman than first lady and makes her standout in only the best ways possible. (Imagine ordering a latte with a sleek post-jog Mrs. Underwood?! You’d notice her, wouldn’t you?!)

Get the look.

Claire Underwood
Perhaps “the road to power is paved with hypocrisy…” but at least there might be some cute coats along the way. (Photo credit.)

Last but not least, Claire’s choices for outerwear make me grateful for a season like winter where long jackets and coats with sashes are necessary. Coats are not often the lusted after items I tend to put on my wish list but time after time, I find myself wishing I could spend a day in Claire’s closet.

Get the look.

What pieces would you pick for Claire?
What pieces would you pick for Claire? Get inspired here.

To get her look you’ll need:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident", that no closet is created equal when compared to Claire Underwood's.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident”, that no closet is created equal when compared to Claire Underwood’s. (Get it here.)

The Wayfarer Acetate sunglasses, Ray-Ban// Pencil skirt, 5th & Mercer// Polka Dot Chiffon Secretary Blouse, American Apparel// Fess-up booties, Nine West// Cap-sleeve Fitted Peplum Sheath dress, XOXO// Asymmetircial Shift dress, Victoria’s Secret// Draped blouse, H&M

For more on gifts I’m thankful formy holiday wish list & & wintery recipes fit for a First Lady, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest & Polyvore!

xo, Vanessa


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