15 Fashion Resolutions for 2015

So you want to update your style as the new year approaches? (Old habits die hard, let me tell you.) But upgrading your wardrobe doesn’t have to be frustrating or expensive!

A new year, a new you1 (Or at the very least, a re-vamped wardrobe!)
A new year, a new you! (Or at the very least, a re-vamped wardrobe!) (Photo credit: Smile for Style)

Keep reading for some of my style tips for a new you!

How long have you owned something to make it worth it?
How long have you owned something to make it worth it?

Age matters.

If you haven’t worn it in two years, you’re probably not going to wear it in the next two months. Consider tossing it in favor of something you’ve had your eye on lately.

Be wary of trends.

There’s something to be said for trends. They’re editing, they’re fun and they’re often temporary. Think harem pants, puffball skirts and spandex. They all get their moment but it’s not worth getting one in every color.

Buy yourself nice underwear.

A lot of people don’t think pretty underwear matters. I feel sorry for those people. I mean, I guess they don’t need to be pretty but you should feel good about them or at the very least, good about yourself in them. You deserve it. I said so.

May there never be a day when plaid goes out of style.
“May there never be a day when plaid goes out of style. – Me”

Control your chaos.

Sometimes I live by the philosophy that if everything is out, if I can see it, then I know where it is. Things like cotton tees, button-up tops and layering tanks don’t agree with this practice and are extremely ineffective as easy options when they’re rolled up and wrinkled under a pile of sweaters. Do as I say, not as I do.

Cut your losses.

Make a conscious effort to be a little more green in 2015. Cut out the things you never wear (spoiler alert: that won’t change this year), pass along the things you can only kinda part with and give away the rest by consigning or donating.

Differentiate between “want” v.s. “need”.

One part of having great style is having selective style. I used to be the kind of girl who needed a new thing every time I had somewhere to go. Since that time, I’ve learned to appreciate the versatility of investment pieces in my closet and I do my best to make purchases only when I need to…unless I have a really special ocassion.

Now THIS is more like it. Shop it here.
Now THIS is more like it. (Shop it here.)

Ditch damaged goods.

Okay, actually you are allowed ONE sentimental piece if you really must but all those other white tops with underarm stains have no place in this new and improved closet of yours.

Dress your size.

I can think of no better time to turn the page on another year and toss aside the notion that bigger is always better. It’s not. And neither is smaller. Start with your favorite store, shop or boutique, treat yourself to one item and ask a sales associate, ” do you think this fits?”. They will be honest with you and re-direct you if a certain style or size is recommended but only available on-line etc. It’s time to start looking like the polished and tailored person you ought to.


If you want to spice things up in your closet, one way to try something new is to evaluate what you tend to gravitate towards and test out a variation. If you wear a lot of stripes, try out a different pattern. If you wear a lot of black, try another tone like all white or even grey. There are plenty of ways to play with your own personal trends!

Get organized.
Get organized. (Photo credit.)

Get back to basics.

You don’t need a lot to have a closet worth the envy of your friends. A simple A-Line dress, ballet flats, a cable-knit sweater and a denim jacket are all timeless and effortless picks that deserve a hanger, shelf or spot in your wardrobe. Understated doesn’t have to mean boring and these classics are a great start.

Have a personality.

One of the biggest problems with fashion these days is that there are so many darn clones. Nobody except Humans of New York seems to have any real genuine sense of individuality anymore. Pick a print over a solid. Pair a solid with a bright color. Try out menswear. Be bold.

Invest wisely.

Since my days as an irresponsible impulse shopper, I take some simple but methodical steps to ensure I curate a closet I can be proud of. For example, I once fell in love with a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots. I hemmed and hawed over them for what felt like months. Then one day I saw a girl wearing boots that look so scarily similar but were ever so slightly different that I had to ask where she got them. Her response? Kohl’s. Who has two thumbs and is glad she didn’t shell out $635 right away? This girl.

If they still have the tags on them (and they're not from a recent holiday), ditch 'em.
If they still have the tags on them (and they’re not from a recent holiday), ditch ’em.

Know yourself.

If you’re a sophisticated city girl who likes to rock all black or prefer working boyfriend jeans and dancing on the edge of casual, take note. Shopping for anything outside your comfort zone is ultimately going to cause a lot of clutter with things you won’t really want to wear. It’s okay to work other things in as you see fit, and I mean that literally.

Save space at all costs.

Literally. Sturdy, felt-covered hangers, shoe racks and cedar chests are your friend.

Value your “collection”.

Your plain white tees, black jeans, (heck, your white jeans), white sneakers and black pumps deserve to be replaced, tailored and maintained. They’ve served you well and will continue to do so but only if you treat them well. Invest in what you will wear to death, before it wears you.

For more on my latest style inspiration, what I’m thankful for this holiday season & what was on my Christmas wish list, follow me on Tumblr, Twitter & Bloglovin’.

xo, Vanessa


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