“Downtown Girl” by Ali Campbell Photography

Good things come to those who drink caffeine, think happy thoughts, work their butts off & encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves. Time and time again, this is why I love connecting with my beautiful & talented friend, Ali.

Keep reading for more shots from our day downtown in the North End!

I met Ali in 2012 when we were both completely immersed in the Presidential, Senate and Congressional races going on around us. Her work ethic, maturity and artistic eye are insanely impressive and catching up over coffee is just one of the things we do best.

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And check out my last shoot with Ali here.

xo, Vanessa

Ali Campbell is a photographer based in Boston, MA. She specializes in portraiture and fashion photography, but, owing to an infinite fascination with essentially all things, takes pictures of everything she encounters. Hire her.


Published by

Vanessa M. Gatlin

-Blogger, dancer, fashionista -Self proclaimed "political junkie" with a strong interest in international affairs -2011 graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston

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