Happy Twenty-FIT-een!

A new year is upon is which means you’ve probably made a lot of promises to yourself about how you plan to workout more, be more organized etcetera etcetera etcetera… Well, those plans are the first step and I have 15 ways to help you get there when it comes to fitness with local spots to try them out!

Studio time.
Studio time.

Keep reading for fifteen fun ways to get in shape this year!

Boot Camp

Four words: YOU CAN DO IT.
Four words: YOU CAN DO IT. (Photo credit.)

Starting with the tough love approach, nothing puts the “boot” into booty like signing up for an intense course that will whip you into shape. The nice thing about this method is that there is plenty of variety which is the best way to not get bored. Also, you’re in a room with a bunch of other sweaty people that have some of the same goals you do (even if it’s just getting your money’s worth out of your gym membership).

Try it: Yofit 90 Minute Boot Camp, Roxbury Crossing

Approximate calorie burn: 409 per 60 minute class


And 5, 6, 7, 8...
And 5, 6, 7, 8…

This was hands down my favorite workout of 2014. I discovered DanceFIT through a blogging network event and couldn’t believe how accommodating, convenient, & fun it was. To sweeten the deal, the owner is one of the kindest dance instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from and she can help to modify almost every exercise if you’re injured, recovering or just a little less flexible. Whether you try out the balletFIT class or rock out to POUND, give their Brookline or Natick studios a try. I promise you won’t regret it!

Try it: DanceFIT, Brookline & Natick

Approximate calories burned: 415 per 50-minute class


It's kind of like a "Choose Your Adventure".
It’s kind of like a “Choose Your Adventure”. (Photo credit.)

Okay, if the internet really had a discounted rate for a fully intact bikini body, I’m sure you would’t be hearing about it here first. That being said, under the Beauty & Spas tab there are a ton of opportunities for club memberships, classes, and season passes you should totally try out. It’s like bargain shopping for a new way to get fit!

Approximate calories burned: Not enough…until you sign up!


Bonus points to blogger Danai for hiking barefoot & in a bikini!
Bonus points to blogger Danai for hiking barefoot & in a bikini! (Follow her here.)

I realize that this is not a realistic option during the cold winter months but it’s not completely off the table. To make it more weather appropriate, you can always strap on some snowshoes and add a new winter pastime to your routine. For those who aren’t plagued by darkness and raw winds for the next couple of months, this kind of exercise allows for fantastic views (that were made for Instagram), lowers your risk for heart disease & helps improve balance.

Try it: Boston Harbor Islands State Park, Quincy

Approximate calories burned: 443 per 30-minute hike

Martial Arts

Make your get fit plans a one-two punch.
Make your get fit plans a one-two punch. (Photo credit.)

Whether its Halle Berry as Catwoman, Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality or Cameron, Drew & Lucy in Charlie’s Angels, I’ve always kind of wanted to try out kicking butt. (In the gentlest way possible, of course.) Like other exercises, martial arts has ben shown to improve your mood and as we learned from Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy…”

Try it: Sityodtong Muay Thai Academy, Somerville

Approximate calories burned: 324 per 60-minute class

Obstacle Course

This girl is on fire. Okay, not literally but look at Ana go!
This girl is on fire. Okay, not literally but look at Ana go! (Follow her here.)

Every so often, someone on my Facebook newsfeed uploads muddy or paint-splattered pictures of themselves looking awfully athletic. I use the word “awfully” because I’m pretty sure I don’t ever want to look like I’m running that furiously unless something is chasing me or a pair of min-condition Christian Louboutin’s in my size are 90% marked down.

Train for it: CrossFit on the Hill, Boston

Approximate calories burned: 200 per 20-minute course


It's like the gym gives you cash back. What could be better?!
It’s like the gym gives you cash back. What could be better?!

Did you know that Americans eat less than the recommended amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, dairy products, and oils*? When I heard there was an app that PAYS you to eat your fruits and veggies I signed up almost instantly. Not that I’ve ever had a problem eating my greens, but earning between .50 & .75 per serving seemed like a nice perk!

Download it: PACT

Approximate calories burned: Um…if you eat 2 12-calorie celery stalks, like 2? But hooray for eating better and making money!

Power Chores

Whistle while you work out!
Whistle while you work out!

Have you ever noticed that when you vacuum your apartment or climb the stairs to your walk-up that your heart is racing or you’ve broken a sweat. That’s a workout! Think about all the damage you could do on some necessary pre-spring cleaning with the application of a little elbow grease…

Approximate calories burned:153 calories per 60-minutes of mopping.

Rock Climbing

Ever wanted to be more like the triple threat (photographer, blogger and Vogue.com contributor) Hanneli Mustaparta is?
Ever wanted to be more like the triple threat (photographer, blogger and Vogue.com contributor) Hanneli Mustaparta is? (Photo credit.)

The concept of not looking down can sort of be applied to your fitness goals. When altered to “don’t look back”, it’s like climbing up a wall at R.E.I. when you’re halfway to the top. If you look down, you’re only looking at how far you’ve come and not ahead at how close you are to the top. This is why rock climbing is a great ego boost and stay-fit strategy!

Try it: MetroRock, Everett & Newburyport

Approximate calories burned: About 369 calories round-trip.


Hit the pavement. Or cobblestones.
Hit the pavement. Or cobblestones.

As much as I hate it, running really is one of the simplest forms of exercise. This past year I joined a running club (complete with cute tee shirts) and turning it into a social thing where I could suffer get fit with friends from work actually made it bearable. And now I can say that I have successfully run up Beacon Hill so a little street creed is always nice.

Try it: City Sports Boston Run Club, Boston

Approximate calories burned: 478 per 60-minute run


Workin' on my fitness.#fitspo
Workin’ on my fitness. (At SoulCycle Chestnut Hill)

Another adventure I had getting fit in 2014 included a visit to the new SoulCycle location at The Square at Chestnut Hill. I was a little intimidated at first by the other riders who were just getting out of class (with their kids) but once the class got going and I realized I was almost dancing more than cycling, I immediately fell in love. Word to the wise: Eat a snack and drink plenty of water before trying this one out!

Try it: SoulCycle, Chestnut Hill

Approximate calories burned: 565 per 45-minute class

Team Sports

Who thought networking could be so much fun?!
Who thought networking could be so much fun?! (Photo credit.)

I wish I was more of an athlete. As much as I loved being a part of a team the way you are on stage for ballet or on the mat at a cheerleading competition, there’s something to be said for traditional organized sports and the way they teach you endurance, speed and strength (or so I’ve heard). As a grown-up, there are fewer opportunities to turn pirouettes and more chances to play a game of pick-up. It helps you to manage stress, enjoy a hobby and stay in shape, so give it a shot! (Pun kind of intended.)

Try it: Bike Rides for Ordinary People, Cambridge

Approximate calories burned: About 465 per 30-minute game of basketball.


Did You Know?: You'll burn more calories if you take a walk outside? The body has to work harder to regulate your temperature so you get more out of it!
Did You Know?: You’ll burn more calories if you take a walk outside? The body has to work harder to regulate your temperature so you get more out of it! (Photo credit.)

Another workout more or less dependent on the weather is the ever-relaxing walk. Walking is fantastic because you can actually do it anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Visiting your Mom? Take a walk! Going on a date? Take him/ her on a walk! Need to go grocery shopping? Are you seeing a pattern?

Approximate calories burned:201 per 30-minute, 4mph pace walk


Check out blogger Sarah of Fit University and her pose!
Check out blogger Sarah of Fit University and her pose! (Follow her here.)

Aside from perhaps working on your fitness, wouldn’t it be nice to improve your digestion, fight food cravings & boost your immunity? I thought so. This and other perks, available at your friendly neighborhood yoga studio.

Try it: North End Yoga, Boston

Approximate calories burned: 239 per 60-minute class


You have GOT to meet my new workout buddies.
You have GOT to meet my new workout buddies. (Photo credit.)

I don’t care if Karena & Katrina of Tone & Fit have matching names only as a gimmick because it’s working. What started as a lucky find one day when I was completely uninspired to work out has continued as an email subscription with tips, advice, recipes and fitness fashion inspiration. It’s videos like this (and Ballet Beautiful tutu-torials) that make working out at home a cinch!

Try it: Tone It Up on YouTube

Approximate calories burned: 126 per 20-minute no-equipment cardio workout

For more on what I’m loving lately, where I’ve been and fashion resolutions you can make right now, follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin’ & Facebook.

Many thanks to the bloggers who shared their #fitspiration photos!

xo, Vanessa



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