Fashion Faux Pas & How To Fix Them

If your New Year’s resolution was to upgrade your style but you don’t know where to start, here might be a few cheap tweaks you can make to update your look without breaking the bank.

(Photo credit.)
Celebs, they’re just like us. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for a few common fashion faux pas you might be making and how to fix them!

Being a designer snob

Meet your new best friend.
Meet your new best friend. (Photo credit.)

We don’t live in the kind of world where luxury equates to style. I mean, think of runway shows where vinyl jumpsuits and sky-high platform shoes take center stage. They’re not practical or necessarily fashionable and there’s no reason to exclusively wear designer duds when you can find so many reasonable alternatives.

Fix: Looks for less” are your friend. And will help you keep the ones you have.

Color overload

I'm glad Nicki didn't have this "Moment For Life".
I’m glad Nicki didn’t have this “Moment For Life”. (Photo credit.)

Spring is on the way which means lots of bright colors like poppy, peach and sunflower are about to make an appearance in your wardrobe. Shades like this are fun…in moderation.

Fix: Neutrals or complimentary colors. By adding a neutral to the canvass of your outfit arrangement, you mute the color and bring it to the focus with pieces like this.

Exposed bra straps

You had me until the exposed bra straps, Selena.
You had me until the exposed bra straps, Selena. (Photo credit.)

I simply have no sympathy for violators of this fashion rule. As much as you want them to, bra straps are never going to stay hidden as much as you push and tug and twist.

Fix: Strapless bra. Get sized, invest in a good one (like this one) and never commit this crime ever again.

Make-up while working out

Add more weight and less foundation.
Add more weight and less foundation. (Photo credit.)

I don’t care how cute your trainer is or how much you want to impress your SoulCycle instructor, no amount of make-up is going to make you look like a pro except for no amount of make-up. To control shine, dab on a little bit of powder to areas like your T-zone. And maybe just a dab of lip gloss for good measure.

Fix: Powder. It’s all you really need. (Shop it here.)

Muffin top

Sequins & Baseballs knows what I'm talking about. (Photo credit.)
Sequins & Baseballs (now Show & Tell Me) knows what I’m talking about. (Photo credit.)

After the holidays, I’m the first to admit that my pants always feel a little tighter than I remember them being. Once the last drop of the Egg Nog has been sipped I push myself to get back to working out but when results don’t take effect as fast as I’d like them to, there are some go-to solutions waiting in my closet.

Fix: Mid- or high-rise jeans. Higher waists are conducive to holding you in more effectively than low-rise favorites. Longer tops (the kind you’d use to layer) also hide anything that might pop over the top of your waistband.

Panty lines

Not your mother's SPANX. Shop ti here.
Not your mother’s SPANX. Shop it here.

Its an unfortunate series of events when an unsuspecting panty line makes an impression to passerby. If you’re not a fan of the thong or seamless panty, pick up a pair of pants that are equally flattering as they are chic.

Fix: Seamless panties, thongs, looser pants (see image above). Shop them, try them out and pick your favorite.

Pattern party

London Fashion Week needs to tone it down.
London Fashion Week needs to tone it down. (Photo credit.)

Less is more when it comes to patterns. But if you must, keep it as minimal as possible.

Fix: Limit yourself to two. Or one, just like this.

Professional clothing and sneakers

The best commuting shoes money can buy. Shop it here.
The best commuting shoes money can buy. Shop it here.

Sometimes wearing your work shoes to work is not an option…especially fi you live in New England. Snow, sleet and rain can do some serious damage on your shoes and often using your athletic shoes seems like an attractive alternative. Stop. Right. There.

Fix: Cute flats or boots. Before you go destroying your sartorial street cred, consider wearing actual protective shoes like rain or snow boots or for days without precipitation, cute flats you’ll want to change into when your feet get tired of rocking heels after your hike to the office.

Sandals with socks

Ugh, make it stop.
Ugh, make it stop. (Photo credit.)

I don’t understand it but for some reason there are people who can’t decide between wearing closed-toed shoes and sandals. There isn’t a lot to say here except trying to pull off both, at the same time, doesn’t work for any single person. (Not even Kate Upton.)

Fix: Choose ONE.

Sheer tops + non-neutral lingerie

Ahem, Katie. I can see your bra...
Ahem, Katie. I can see your bra… (Photo credit.)

It seems like a logical decision: “Pair white bra with white top and no one will know that you’re wearing a bra.” When put into practice, it’s horrifyingly apparent that you are wearing underwear and exactly which color it is.

Fix: Neutral (nude) lingerie. It’s not necessarily the cutest but we’re trying to avoid it being noticed, remember?

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xo, Vanessa


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