The 2015 Official Life Hacks Guide for Twenty-Somethings

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 25. And as wise woman once said your twenties would say to you, “I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”. Lucky for you I’ve curated some of the greatest tips on the inter webs to get you through whatever rough spot you’ve hit.

Dear twenties, You are the best thing that's ever been mine.
Dear twenties, You are the best thing that’s ever been mine. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for everything you already knew but swear it feels better when someone else says it.

Enjoy the view. You never know how long you'll have it.
Enjoy the view. You never know how long you’ll have it.

1. To appreciate what you have: “Treasure your relationships. It’s too easy to get caught up in all of your own cares and thoughts. Doing things for others (friends, family, coworkers, significant others) is more important than you sometimes even realize…You can make others lives better through small gestures. There is this snowball effect of everyone you know being a little bit happier.” (Medium)

2. To argue effectively: “Because an effective way to argue with some corporate person on the other line is not: “The person I spoke with last time I called Con Ed said that I’d paid my bill.” That sounds like you either spoke to a ghost or are trying to scam the electric company. Save yourself some time and energy: “I spoke to Ashley, her employee number is 1234567, and she said I’d paid my bill.” (Cosmopolitan)

3. To be happy: “You have to not only infuse your life with the little things that will make you enjoy your day, but also learn to free yourself from your thoughts that keep you in confines from enjoying said things…It’s the cliches, even, the cup of coffee and a book in bed on a Sunday morning, meeting an old friend for lunch, receiving a text or email from someone you love. Being able to touch someone’s day and go home knowing you did something for this world. This is what life is about because your life could end in the next hour and these are the things you will have cherished.” (Thought Catalog)

Take in the fresh air of life.
Take in the fresh air of life.

4. To be healthy all most of the time: “Take care of yourself. You don’t have to train for a marathon. You just need to find something that you enjoy and that you can stick to … It’s amazing what going for a run in the middle of the day can do to your frame of mind. You feel better and think clearer. Plus, it forces you to second-guess your eating habits, you probably won’t want that McDonald’s Quarter Pounder if you spent your lunch break on the treadmill.” (Medium)

5. To be prepared: “As your group of friends spreads out post-college, you might start traveling a bit more, so learn to pack quickly and more efficiently with these “Pack This!” lists. Never forget your iPhone charger again.” (Literally, Darling)

6. To be responsible: “While traveling is a brilliant way to build your worldliness, many youngsters use it as an excuse to put off the fact that they need to establish themselves. Being young and energetic is great, but it doesn’t last. Use the time to do something that’s of a higher purpose, while you still have the energy.” (

Take in where you are at this very moment.
Take in where you are at this very moment.

7. To be smart about your money: “Using online banks will save you a lot of money in unnecessary fees. Online banks offer way better interest rates, no monthly maintenance fees, and often no minimum balances. They are able to offer such great deals because they save on money personnel.” (BuzzFeed)

8. To build character: “You never seem to realize until much later that the things that are worthwhile in life are often very boring. The things that improve you as a person tend to be difficult and boring to do. Embrace the boredom and do it anyway. It’s a brilliant way to build character and perseverance.” (

9. To curb whining: “Complaining is passive and powerless. Creating is proactive and powerful.” (Life After College)

If you need a change, make it happen.
If you need a change, make it happen.

10. To deal with stress: “You will not feel better tomorrow if you don’t figure out what’s wrong today…if you can’t enjoy what you have now, you are not in the right mindset to enjoy anything else.” (Thought Catalog)

11. To figure out your personal “cost of living”: “First jobs come with unavoidable start-up costs, such as a new suit and possibly wheels to match. Those expenses can easily overpower a starting salary. That’s why Liz Weston, author of “The 10 Commandments of Money,” recommends pretending that your new salary doesn’t exist. “Most people would be better off if they continued to live like broke college students for a few years, until they get a handle on expenses,” she says.” (US News)

12. To fix something broken: “If you’re missing someone, it is okay to write him or her a simple a text — even when it’s been too long. Sometimes, relationships fizzle, but can easily be repaired by someone making the first move and saying hello.” (Elite Daily)

Do something for yourself and enjoy that moment entirely.
Do something for yourself and enjoy that moment entirely.

13. To follow your intuition: ” If your gut tells you something, listen to it. If you have a feeling that that relationship isn’t going to work out, if your stomach is doing barrel rolls before going to work everyday, if you just have a feeling that something is just not a great idea—odds are you are going to be right. Listening to your intuition can be hard, because it could seriously throw you out of your comfort zone, but the last place you want to be in your early 20s is your comfort zone.” (Literally, Darling)

14. To get away from it all: “Disconnect from social media every once in a while. Having at least one social media account seemed too much of a requirement today and thus obliging you to feel the urge of checking on it every single day…Get your butt off and do the laundry instead, or finish reading the book you decided to read a couple of weeks ago, or do the routine exercises you’ve been meaning to do.” (Jika Starts To Blog)

15. To get the most from your relationships: “If someone holds absolutely no purpose and or positive placement in your life, then you should remove him or her immediately. For instance, the guy who would only text me (and never see me) had to go.” (Elite Daily)

Make your life colorful in any way you can.
Make your life colorful in any way you can.

16. To have great skin: “You don’t have to drop a zillion dollars on anti-aging face cream — just get a drugstore brand with retinol. Our beauty editor Carly Cardellino says that you do not need to let an upscale makeup store salesperson talk you into getting a $300 serum made of crushed-up diamonds… Just go to CVS.” (Cosmopolitan)

17. To live a life you’re proud of: “…Many 20-somethings believe they have all time in the world and how they spend their 20s doesn’t matter…The foundation you build in your 20s will define the rest of your life.” (Forbes)

18. To make financial decisions that make sense: “Too often, in our 20′s, we want stuff. From expensive designer clothes, to fancy electronics, and many other possessions that take up a huge chunk of our income…Take your disposable income and invest in your future to ensure you have great experiences. Remember, memories last forever, so spending money on that trip to Europe will always be more valuable than a big screen TV that will need to be replaced in three years with the newer, larger model.” (

Find the magic in the everyday.
Find the magic in the everyday.

19. To not get screwed financially: “A high APR can screw you over. APR (annual percentage rate) is what your credit card company charges you for keeping a balance on your credit card. You are charged interest if you don’t pay off the full amount you owe each month. Make sure you know what your APR rate is when signing up for a credit card as the rates range from 0%-30%, which can make a big difference on your bank account. (BuzzFeed)

20. To not let that ONE get away: “‘Have fun with the hot ones, but pay attention to the nice ones. It’s the kind, good-hearted ones that you’ll really want to spend your time with later.'” (Cosmopolitan)

21. To pay your student loans: “Most lenders typically give you a six month grace period where you don’t have to repay your loans. However, interest can accure during this time. Be sure to check with your lender for all the details.” (BuzzFeed)

Eat breakfast for dinner...or do something of the equivalent.
Eat breakfast for dinner…or do something of the equivalent.

22. To play nice with your parents: “Your parents might not make sense to you and seem against you right now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re talking about. Its always advised to follow their advice even if it doesn’t make sense at the time‒you will thank them when you’re older.” (

23. To prepare for loss: “Don’t be too sad when things get taken away unexpectedly, or too surprised when things come to you for no reason. Just be glad you have the experience of actually having it.” (Mothership)

24. To prioritize your relationships: “Be friends with people who know which songs to talk over and which songs to be quiet during. These are also the people with whom you dance on that spontaneous Wednesday night out — these are the friends in your life.” (Elite Daily)

Have a favorite place.
Have a favorite place.

 25. To put comfort first: “Leave your heels under your desk at work and wear sneakers for the commute. It may feel fun and rom-commy to be running through the streets to work in your heels, but that [-ish] wears off its charm the second you feel the first blister forming.” (Cosmopolitan)

26. To realize you’re not alone: “In addition to experiencing joy, laughter, exhilaration, and awe, we all experience sadness, anger, shame, confusion, and guilt.” (Greatist)

27. To say goodbye: “…With the rise of social media, it’s increasingly difficult to not compare your life to other people’s. Unfortunately, on these platforms, people are always presenting the bits and pieces of their lives that are incredibly fortunate and great. It makes that person feel better, and either annoys or makes everybody else feel substandard. It’s a ruthless cycle, and you have to pluck yourself out of it.”(Thought Catalog)

Little things happen and they were invented for smiling. #baristaspelledmynameright
Little things happen and they were invented for smiling. #baristaspelledmynameright

28. To start off on the right foot: “Do negotiate your starting salary, even if you’re afraid. Most people don’t negotiate, both because of fear and because no one teaches you how to negotiate in the first place. Many recent grads, so grateful to land a job in today’s sluggish economy, accept their first salary offer without question because they’re nervous.” (BuzzFeed)

29. To “take it slow”: “Your life won’t change in a day. Mindfully incorporate “healthy” practices into your life until they become routine.Please note, that by saying “healthy” I’m not trying to preach that you should run a half marathon every three months and only eat Paleo. I mean learn to breathe deeply. Learn to recognize the difference between your physical body and the person who inhabits it. The latter is who you really are. Drink water, you need it. Move and use the senses you were given: walk, read, speak, stretch. You won’t always be able to.” (Thought Catalog)

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xo, Vanessa


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8 thoughts on “The 2015 Official Life Hacks Guide for Twenty-Somethings”

  1. I loved this so much! I only just welcomed my twenties and am very excited about it all. I’ll make sure to keep these in mind since so many (if not all of them) are important.

    Ana xx

  2. Wow, I loved this so much. As someone entering her twenties in less than a month I know this is the decade of huge and monumental changes. This list made it a little less scary and a little more inviting. Thanks so much! Great post!

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