What To Wear When: Winter Weather

The coffee has been sipped, banana pancakes enjoyed and a portly little snowman sits at the top of my driveway. Winter storm Juno has officially taken residence in Massachusetts and I’m cozy inside with all of my favorite things.

Oh, the weather outside is delightful.
Oh, the weather outside is delightful.

Keep reading for some of my shop-able snow day staples!

From where I sit, thirty inches of snow has fallen in less than twenty-four hours. It’s the perfect excuse to sleep in a little bit, wake up slowly over warm beverages & revel in the fact that my driveway desperately needs to be plowed. As I get a little work done from the comfort of a cozy chair, there are a few things that are making this snowy day especially wonderful.

1. A cute mug

Hey there, yourself...
Hey there, yourself… (Shop it here.)

My mug of choice was given to me by my best friend and it is decorated with words of encouragement. Add a little caffeine and you’re more than prepared to turn your couch into an office space if necessary.

Other styles I love: Kate Spade, Reiko Kaneko10 Strawberry Street

2. Warm socks

Stay cozy my friends, from your head to your toes.
Stay cozy in cashmere, from your head to your toes. (Shop them here.)

If you’re going to work (or not work) from home, a cozy uniform is mandatory. Layers, leggings and long sweaters are classic cold weather staples but proper footwear is not to be forgotten and with that, soft socks are a “must have”.

Other styles I love: CorgiTopman & Woolrich,

3. A cozy blanket

Time for a little R & R.
Time for a little R & R. (Shop it here.)

Speaking of layers, you haven’t truly taken advantage of a snow day until you’ve curled up under a cozy blanket. Whether wrapped around your shoulders or as a picnic blanket for all of the tea and cookies you’re undoubtedly going to enjoy.

Other styles I love: Neiman Marcus, NordstromPine Cone Hill,

4. ALL the chargers

Case + charger + cute = plenty of power to Instagram the icicles hanging from our roof.
Case + charger + cute = plenty of power to Instagram the icicles hanging from your roof. (Shop it here.)

As fun as it is to be holed up, you definitely need to be prepared for the worst. Making sure your electronics are charged in case of an emergency should be at the top of every city girl’s “pre-storm to do list” and it’s easy to be chic with these gadgets.

Other styles I love: Ban.Do, Rebecca MinkoffTylt,

5. A candle

Nothing says "New England" like a snow storm and blueberry scented candle.
Nothing says “New England” like a snow storm and blueberry scented candle. (Shop it here.)

When disaster does struck (and by disaster I mean, you lose power), a quick solution is lighting a selection of beautifully scented candles for some reading, card games or dining by candlelight.

Other styles I love: Diptyque, Tory Burch & Voluspa

6. Wintery nail polish

The shade of the season.
The shade of the season. (Shop it here.)

I’ll admit it, I stayed up extra late last night just so I could hear the wind whistling around my house. It seemed like a good time to tip my toes in a lovely Bordeaux shade of red. but there are plenty of other seasonal polishes that are made for days like this.

Other styles I love: Bobbi Brownessie & OPI

7. Mittens

Winter white x Ugg.
Winter white x Ugg. (Shop it here.)

And for the times when going outside is absolutely necessary, you can have the most fashionable fingers on the block even when being in style is one of the furthest things from most people’s minds.

Other styles I love: North FacePlush & Roxy

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xo, Vanessa


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