Twenty-FIT-teen x Marshalls & Flywheel

In continuing my mission for a very happy & successful twenty-FIT-teen, last weekend I was invited to join some of my favorite bloggers for a Flywheel class at Boston’s The Shops at Prudential location. With an outfit provided by Marshalls, I looked great and felt even better about hopping on a bike just before a massive snowstorm was headed to Boston.

What I (almost) wore.
What I (almost) wore.

Keep reading for more on my fashion adventures & why “just keep spinning” has become my new motto!

I stand by the notion that when you look good, you feel good. I seem to have a few friends at Marshalls who feel the same so when I was invited to attend a Flywheel class in a brand new outfit, I just couldn’t say no.

I think/ know I'm going to need to go back for these peach-trimmed leggings.
I think/ know I’m going to need to go back for these peach-trimmed leggings.

Flash forward to my shopping trip where I proceeded to scoop up an entirely new outfit by Cynthia Rowley, Spalding & Calvin Klein, courtesy of my new friends at Marshalls. It was so hard to choose which pieces I was going to wear but I was finally able to whittle it down to a few pieces I could work seamlessly into my wardrobe.

Yes, those leggings are ombré.
Yes, those leggings are ombré.

Having been to a supercharged spinning class before, I was extremely excited to give Flywheel a try. Since beginning my personal fitness challenge, it has been important for me to find full-body workouts that push and challenge me to beat my personal best. I can honestly say that Flywheel is that kind of workout.

And I love you BOTH, Flywheel & Marshall's!
And I love you BOTH, Flywheel & Marshalls!

Upon arriving, I was instantly energized by the bass I could hear from the corridor of the Prudential mall that houses Flywheel. With another class underway, other bloggers who were participating in the event already lined the main entrance in their bright and fantastic outfits.


The class was intense to say the least. There were races, rankings, weights for an upper body workout and a lot of sweating. But it was all in good fun and I was happy to not be the only one visibly fearful of what a sweaty selfie would look like after class ended. Especially because those fears were quickly forgotten once I saw healthy green beverages provided by b.good, snacks by Two Moms In the Raw and goodie bags, also courtesy of Marshalls.

Some of the treats that awaited us after class.
Some of the treats that awaited us after class.

I definitely recommend Flywheel to anyone who needs an extra boost, variety in their workout or is looking for a new, fun thing to try with a friend. And of course, don’t forget to refresh your wardrobe, fitness accessories or footwear without stopping in to say hi to my friends at Marshalls!

Check out the rest of my gallery from the event:

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For more on what I’m wearing this winter, how I’m surviving my twenties or how to fix your own fashion flops, follow me on Instagram, Lookbook & Pinterest.

xo, Vanessa


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