Style Inspiration: GIRLS

I don’t know about you but in this one week break, I’ve kind of missed the crazy antics of Hannah, Jessa, Marnie & Shoshanna. Okay, maybe it’s their wardrobes more than their reenactment of every little twenty-something problem you could ever imagine but I have to admit that it’s sort of a guilty pleasure of mine to watch the show for style inspiration.

The leading ladies of HBO's GIRLS.
The leading ladies of HBO’s GIRLS. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for some of my favorite outfits from the show everyone loves to hate!


One girls rusty colored sweater is another GIRLS' statement cardigan.
One girls rusty colored sweater is another GIRLS’ statement cardigan. (Photo credit.)

On any given Sunday it’s anyone’s guess what Hannah Horvath will be wearing…or not wearing. In case you haven’t noticed by now, Hannah’s wardrobe consists of a lot of prints, (both large and small) vibrant colors and leather details. I like her style because it’s fun and comfortable, she opts for skin over skin-tight and doesn’t feel confined to any one form or set of lines. In a way she’s kind of taking “do you” to a sartorial level that most people are afraid to reach.

What would Hannah wear? Shop her style.


She definitely maybe woke up like this.
She definitely maybe woke up like this. (Photo credit.)

To label Jessa’s style simply as bohemian would be unfair. Her sartorial taste is so eclectic that one time she inspired me to wear a pair of harem pants. (It was awesome.) I don’t know anyone who dresses this way and it’s so refreshing. I feel like Jessa’s wardrobe is all of those things at your local consignment shop that are too pretty to buy because they’re too fancy for you but Jessa would wear them simply to ride the subway.

What would Jessa wear? Shop her style.


Full disclosure: I wanted a grape-colored dress before Marnie made it look so utterly fantastic.
Full disclosure: I wanted a grape-colored dress before Marnie made it look so utterly fantastic. (Photo credit.)

In Marnie’s defense, I think she gets a really bad rap. One of her strategies, (whether conscious or not) to deal with the uncertainties of life is having really fabulous style. (I mean, the girl even looks good crying. It’s a little unfair.) She tends to fall back on classic pieces that are often neutral in hue making her wardrobe very relatable and easy to copy…not that I’ve tried or anything.

What would Marnie wear? Shop her style.


Work. that. Up-do.
Work. that. Up-do. (Photo credit.)

If there were superlatives for the characters of this show, “Shosh” as she is so affectionately called, would without a doubt win “Best Use of Hair”. Her up-dos upstage almost every single ensemble she sports and I’m not even a little bit mad about it. While I can’t say I’ve tried many of her bold choices, it does give something for both my hair and wardrobe to aspire to.

What would Shoshanna wear? Shop her style.

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xo, Vanessa


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