The Winter Food Tour | 2015

There comes a time in every self-proclaimed foodie’s life when she stops and realizes that while a picture says a thousand words, there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ review.

I like my Sam Adams, Matzo ball soup & bagel chips just as much as the next girl.
I like my Sam Adams, Matzo ball soup & bagel chips just as much as the next girl.

Keep reading for where I’ve been* eating recently & what I highly recommend!

The Cheesecake Factory, Chestnut Hill

Okay so it's not MY cheesecake but this can all be yours.
Okay so it’s not MY cheesecake but this can all be yours. (Photo credit.)

Once upon a time I went on a date where we ordered nothing but cheesecake. For dinner. I mean, when the menu is as long and as overwhelming as this sweet spot, the best thing to do is really just give in and order something you can depend on. I like to stick to the basics with the Chocolate Tuxedo Cream. Added wintery bonus: the dim lighting was more of a warm glow and made for a very cozy evening.

Deluxe Depot Diner, Framingham

In heaven, the guacamole is included.
In heaven, the guacamole is included.

I’ve been to the Newton location before and obviously had to check this place out when they first opened. Now it seems that everyone from the staff to the eggs in my Huevos Rancheros really know what they’re doing. On my first visit it was dinnertime (note: they serve breakfast all day) so I went for the fish & chips but on my second, and most recent trip, I felt that I should balance out my experience with something a little more morning-inspired. The Huevos Rancheros were a win, served with guacamole and had the perfect proportion of egg versus veggies. I even opted for a side of home fries to kick off my first meal of the day and totally would have ordered a blueberry mimosa too if I had seen the table card before my second to last bite. This place is extremely cozy and a great new local spot with a full bar. (Did I mention they serve breakfast all day?!)

Paul, Natick

Correct pronunciation: "Kwa-saw-nt"
Correct pronunciation: “Kwa-saw-nt”

It seems that out of no where this new bakery has popped up in Natick and Assembly Row in Somerville. What you might not know about this cute boulangerie is that it actually started in 1889 in Croix (Northern France). They had me when I noticed their mini-macarons and now I’m a total sucker for their sandwiches and coconut croissants. With two locations in the Natick Mall, it would only be right to start at one (first floor, near macy*s) and end at the other (first floor, across from the Met Bar & Grill).

Cupcake Charlie’s, Natick

As the old saying goes, "A cupcake a day keeps the cravings at bay"...or something.
As the old saying goes, “A cupcake a day keeps the cravings at bay”…or something like that. (Photo credit.)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have kind of a sweet tooth. Next to creme brûlée & cheesecake, cupcakes are my absolute favorite things. Following a brief appearance of Crumbs (pun kind of intended), Cupcake Charlie’s has moved in to taunt me every time I’m in the mall and absolutely do not need to have a cupcake. But I have one anyway because they’re perfectly moist and delicious and when the Patriots are one game away from going to the Superbowl and there are Patriots-themed cupcakes, you can’t not order one.

MET Bar & Grill, Natick

Cocktails + brunch = the ultimate Sunday Funday
Cocktails + brunch = the ultimate Sunday Funday

You didn’t think I would just mentioning this one in passing, did you? The mimosas are way too delicious for that. And their burgers? I just had lunch but I could easily have one (The L.A. or Fenway, please) stacked with avocado on a warm bun. I recently visited this spot after a muscle conditioning class at Athleta followed by a barre class at lululemon. (I had earned it, okay?) The service is always good and ever since they got rid of their Cobb salad (rest in peace) I’ve always felt pretty good (spiritually, ecumenically and grammatically) about falling back on a cheeseburger.

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*While these places are MetroWest based (due largely to recent weather conditions), for more on where I’ve been & where I’m going, be sure to subscribe using the options on the right for more adventures!

xo, Vanessa


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