14 Ways (& Gifts) Single Ladies Can Use To Survive Valentine’s Day

“All the single ladies, all the single ladies”, it’s the day we all love to hate. But you know what? We don’t have to. Just because we’re not in a relationship with someone else doesn’t mean we can’t fully appreciate the relationship we have with ourselves.

Just a few of the "Treat Yo' Self " gifts I have in mind!
Just a few of the “Treat Yo’ Self ” gifts I have in mind!

Today is our day too and here are some fabulous ways & gifts to help you remember…now put your hands up.

If you don't buy this for yourself, I will. For myself.
If you don’t buy this for yourself, I will. For myself.

1. Break up with the sad.

Let loose of all the negative feelings you have about today, about being single and anything less than deserving of a celebration. Beyonce didn’t write “Single Ladies” so you could be sad.

Treat Yo’ Self: A #flawless muscle tee.

2. Celebrate GAL-entine’s.

A la Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation and complete with gifts and possibly a breakfast-themed meal. I’m just saying, Leslie knows what she’s talking about here…

Treat Yo’ Self: This salad plate. For whatever.

3. Choose you.

Of all the days (except maybe your birthday), today is not the day to feel obligated to do anything. Do whatever it is that you do want to do or not do.

Treat Yo’ Self: The #1 accessory for beauty sleep.

Because velour is most definitely still a thing.
Because velour is most definitely still a thing.

4. Dress up.

I feel like it should go without saying that to celebrate a holiday, you should dress the part of willing celebrant. Despite the fact that you are without a significant other this holiday, you alone are not insignificant and should dress as such…even if its just your most luxurious pair of sweatpants.

Treat Yo’ Self: These insanely luxe joggers.

5. Eat something fancy.

You know how you’ve been craving sushi lately? I feel like now would be a good time to all in every single piece of maki you’ve been dreaming about.

 Treat Yo’ Self: Or eat these cupcakes. I would.

6. Dream on.

In real life, most of us will never have a guy with Ryan Gosling’s abs, Chris Evans’ mischievous smile and Michael B. Jordan’s sparkling eyes in our living room so thank the Lord Netflix exists.

Treat Yo’ Self: Get your Olivia Pope on.

Breathe, stretch, shake, love yourself.
Breathe, stretch, shake, love yourself.

7. Find love.

Nothing is more Bridget Jones’ Diary or Eat, Pray, Love-y than a girl who goes out and finds passion in something unexpected. Try a barre class, take yourself out for a drink a hotel lounge or treat yourself to one of those really expensive lattes from down the street when you find yourself needing a caffeine fix.

Treat Yo’ Self: These socks you can wear to that barre class you’ve been meaning to try out.

8. Finish something.

I’m at my best when I know I’ve accomplished a task. Stop putting off something you’ve been meaning to get done and who is to say you don’t deserve a little reward after.

Treat Yo’ Self: Organize your desk because you have to. Make it cute because you can.

9. Get pampered.

When you look good, you feel good and that is literally all I have to say about this one.

Treat Yo’ Self: This is the secret to “I woke up like dis”.

These are the marvelous little treats you've been waiting for.
These are the marvelous little treats you’ve been waiting for.

10. Indulge yourself.

Now is as good a time as any to treat yo’ self. I mean, especially if you don’t have a special someone to spoil, someone has to eat the expensive truffles in the advertisements. Might as well be you, gorgeous.

Treat Yo’ Self: With these.

11. Play hooky.

One of the single most romantic things I can think of is having someone you love surprise you by taking the day off and spending all the time they can with you. Call out of work but don’t waste the day and treat yourself how you really want to be treated.

Treat Yo’ Self: Go get a facial. Or d.i.y..

12. Rest & relaxation.

Make some time for yourself today to truly appreciate a little T.L.C.. And just so we’re clear, that can mean everything from a bubble bath to a full-out dance party to the tune of “No Scrubs” in your comfiest pajamas.

Treat Yo’ Self: Like these.

Friends are the gifts that keep on giving the whole year through.
Friends are the gifts that keep on giving the whole year through.

13. Show love.

The best way to be a valentine is to give a little love. Doing something nice for someone else not only makes them feel good but is good fro karma. So really, you’re the rest of the world a favor and for that, we thank you.

Treat Yo’ Self: Gift her this.

14. Think more.

Okay, I don’t mean the worrying kind but sometimes its good to stop yourself, slow down and consider what you want out of this crazy world. If it’s love, great, but if it’s more time for you or a professional goal, consider ways you can make it happen.

Treat Yo’ Self: While there is tea, there is hope. (Shop it here.)

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xo, Vanessa


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