City Girl Guide: Travel Edition

For collegiettes and working ladies alike, it’s about that time of the year when we all wish for a break from the every day. In undergrad, when spring break was so close I could taste it, I found myself daydreaming about how I would pack my suitcase and what necessities I would need to load into a carry-on. After my years of travel, I’ve figured out how to pack for almost any situation in the most efficient way possible.

Bon voyage!
Bon voyage! (Credit.)

Keep reading for my fabulous packing & travel tips to ensure you’re well prepared for your upcoming adventures, wherever they may take you! 

The more efficiently you pack, the more time you'll have to enjoy THIS.
The more efficiently you pack, the more time you’ll have to enjoy THIS. (Credit.)

Aspire to be the kind of traveler that can live out of a carry-on. Minimalism is best and will make packing, un-packing, dressing, undressing and re-packing a breeze.

Book on a Tuesday. Studies indicate flights are cheaper. (And by “studies”, I mean my own personal experience.)

Check the weather. I realize this might sound obvious but you’ll need to take into account how likely it will be that you’ll face inclement weather, how often and at what point in the day so you can pack the appropriate footwear and/ or outerwear. (And/ or umbrella. Don’t forget to pack an umbrella.)

Whatever you do, please do not forget to bring someone/ something that can take some great pictures.
Whatever you do, please do not forget to bring someone/ something that can take some great pictures. (Credit.)

Fake the appearance of a bountiful on-the-go wardrobe. Build outfits using pieces you can re-wear and save space for larger items you can’t go without.

Hydrate. Traveling can be stressful even if you don’t realize it. You might not be able to carry liquids through security but that doesn’t mean you should forget about them before or after your bags have been cleared. And just a tip: Booze is the opposite of helpful here.

Keep key items close. Credit cards, keys, I.D. cards and chargers should be handy for when you need them.

Picnics make a good substitute for almost any meal.
Picnics make a good substitute for almost any meal. (Credit.)

Power up. Plan for snack cravings, delays and activities to keep you occupied by charging all of your electronics, back-up reading material in case electronics are not permissible and a high energy treat just in case.

Pre-pack a “u-mergency kit”. Think about what will be absolutely necessary for survival should you get separated from your checked baggage. Chaptisck, concealer, eye liner, hand cream, powder, a toothbrush and toothpaste can all be stored in a plastic/ waterproof-lined bag and will come to the rescue in any travel emergency.

Rolling your clothes is a thing that works. The pros swear by it and I do too. It’s the best way to keep tricky pieces as wrinkle-free as possible.

All you really need is some great scenery.
All you really need is some great scenery. (Credit.)

Separate your shoes. Use them to fill the space outside your clothes and it will help you prioritize what remaining space is left.

Shoot for travel chic. Things you’ll regret wearing on vacation; brand new shoes that haven’t been broken in, easily wrinkled fabrics, graphic tees, uncomfortable shoes, yoga the room in your suitcase and leave them at home.

Small items make for great fillers. Socks, underwear, jewelry pouches and foldable flats fit in all the nooks and crannies you’d never be able to fill anyway.

Totes like this make for excellent carry-ons.
Totes like this make for excellent carry-ons. (Credit.)

Start with one carry-on (or “go”) bag and one duffel or suitcase. Pack your emergency accessories and “must have” items in something that can be easily accessed. Everything else can be stowed.

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xo, Vanessa


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4 thoughts on “City Girl Guide: Travel Edition”

  1. This is such a great post! These travel tips are amazing. I have been doing a lot of traveling on the weekends because I am studying abroad in Rome this semester and I agree with all of these! The “u-mergency kit” is my favorite! Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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