City Girl Guide To: Boston Date Spots

Everyone from seasoned veterans to new city dwellers should have go-to date spots in their back pocket. Whether its for a fancy friend-date or something more serious, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spots for fun nights on the town.

Your nights out on the town just got so much better. (Credit.)
Your nights out on the town just got so much better. (Credit.)

Keep reading for my list, menu recommendations & photos from real Boston Instagrammers!

1. Top of the Hub

As seen by Boston IG-er @luv207.
As seen by Boston IG-er @luv207.

Its almost a little cliche to include this but I truly believe that anyone who has ever lived in Boston should come here at least once. The view is incredible (day or night), the setting is romantic but modern and not too stiff. The menu is pricey but given the view, 110% percent worth it.

What to order: Spicy lobster soup, afternoon cocktails, creme brûlée

2. Eastern Standard Kitchen

As seen by Boston IG-er @rls07.
As seen by Boston IG-er @rls07.

If you’re looking for the kind of place where you can wander in, ask the bartender to whip up something good and have it become your new favorite cocktail, this is the spot. It can get noisy but not unbearable and the crowd only gives the hype some credibility.

What to order: Trademark (cocktail), steak frites, grilled cheese

3. Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar

As seen by Boston IG-er @craigbyer.
As seen by Boston IG-er @craigbyer.

This place does everything from brunch to dinner very well. The lighting is sultry, the menu is eclectic and the whiskey is not kidding around.

What to order: Oysters, huevos rancheros, tuna burger

4. Alta Strada

Follow the food @ altastradawellesley.
Follow the food @ altastradawellesley.

After coming here by myself during the winter, I brought my Mom & sister with me more recently for a girls’ night. Once you get over the open-concept dining they have going on, you’ll be glad you stayed for the homemade ricotta.

What to order: Spicy Lobster Chitarra, Mama Zecca’s Eggplant Parmigiano and arancina

5. Clio

As seen by @forbestravelguide.
Follow the food @forbestravelguide.

It’s chic, edgy and has amazing cocktails. What more could you want?! With a swanky interior and bar ingredients often compared to alchemy, this is a spot you need to add to your list.

What to order: Butter-basted lobster, allspice-crusted venison and anything to drink with cucumber ice cubes during the summer.

6. Island Creek Oyster Bar

As seen by @kimbixby.
As seen by Boston IG-er @kimbixby.

This place ends up on many “date night” lists for a lot of reasons. Described by Dig Boston as “an oysterman’s idea of fine dining”, you won’t be disappointed ordering anything on the menu.

What to order: Lobster roll, craft beer selection and the entire cocktail menu

7. No. 9 Park

As seen by @emhorn4.
As seen by Boston IG-er @emhorn4.

Convenient for anyone who works downtown, this place makes for a good spot to enjoy celebratory, after-work or “just because” drinks. I can speak to the wine list personally, but the prune-stuffed gnocchi has been mentioned to me on several ocassions.

What to order: Any seasonal pasta dish, the cheese cart and cocoa dessert

8. Tangierino

As seen by @molls8898.
As seen by Boston IG-er @molls8898.

City girl-tested during the seven days formerly known as Restaurant Week, I met a friend here for dinner, drink and live belly dancing. It was literally the best way to spice things up.

What to order: Couscous salad, chicken b’stilla and a glass (or two) of Malbec

9. West Bridge

Follow the food @westbridge02139.
Follow the food @westbridge02139.

If your date is picky or has a dietary restriction, West Bridge caters to a very eclectic but modern palate. It’s known for its date-friendly atmosphere, cocktail and wine list but I have to say that they had me at their use of eggs.

What to order: Egg In A Jar, Cauliflower (served with apricot and samba) and skate cheeks.

10. Fire + Ice

As seen by @shmree313.
As seen by Boston IG-er @shmree313.

True Bostonians will laugh at me but if you’re looking for a place with great music, control over what goes on your plate and a party-like atmosphere, look no further. This spot is always festive, is all-you-can-eat and a salad bar.

What to order: Free nachos (Monday night w/ purchase of a soda), fresh basil (by request) and sweet chili sauce on everything.

Still stumped? Try out these great date pairings & ideas for even the most budget-concious romantic.

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xo, Vanessa


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