If you caught my last post, you know I spent the holiday weekend with my best friend from college in NYC. Per usual, our adventures were the greatest; from Carnegie Hall to Hell’s Kitchen.

See you soon, pretty city!
See you soon, pretty city!

Keep reading for more on what I did this weekend & the top spots you have to visit the next time you’re in “Gotham”.

Carnegie Hall, Theater District

The sights & sounds of NYC!
The sights & sounds of NYC!

We scored some last-minute seats to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Orchestra and being the arts fanatics that we are, it was the perfect thing to do after the harrowing traffic my Megabus met at rush hour. This is a gorgeous venue with the perfect juxtaposition of bright fixtures, glittery walls and majestic red accents. The choir was outstanding but my favorite components were the harp, flute & violins that seemed to make the whole performance sparkle.

44 & X, Hell’s Kitchen

There's always room for dessert.
There’s always room for dessert.

This weekend is the trip my Foursquare account has been waiting for. After our visit to Carnegie, it was time to grab a bite. I looked up this spot on my phone and the menu seemed eclectic enough for these two foodies to enjoy. We started with two cocktails, (one sweet, one spicy), a goat cheese and pistachio soufflé and enough bread and butter to feed a small army. We followed that up with a delicious halibut dish that was slightly different from what was featured on the menu (an adventure we were made fully aware of before we ordered). Lastly, in true bestie fashion, we ordered the banana split for dessert and even shared the chocolate monkey that adorned the top.

Dillinger’s, Bushwick

Baby's first cold brew.
Baby’s first cold brew.

I feel like vacations are the perfect time for “firsts” which is probably why I felt compelled to order a cold brew and avocado toast the minute I walked into this spot. It’s also probably why I had the urge to start a new weekend brunching tradition, consisting of a treat before breakfast and in this case, the treat was an absolutely scrumptious hibiscus donut. Best. idea. ever.

Berlyn65, Williamsburg

The boutiques in Brooklyn are everything I've ever wanted.
The boutiques in Brooklyn are everything I’ve ever wanted.

Tucked underneath (and just off to the side) of the Williamsburg Bridge is a shop as delicate and whimsical as its space. At first glance, the Turkish wares are the things minimalist home decor fanatics dream of followed closely by the apothecary and jewelry on creative display. I loved this place so much, I just had to bring a memento home as a souvenir!

The Spotted Pig, West Village

When being a professional city girl, hydration is key.
When being a professional city girl, hydration is key.

After a stroll through the West Village, it just felt right to poke our heads into this neighborhood nook for a drink and a snack. Rumor has it that this is a favorite city spot of celebrity besties, Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift so obviously we just had to check it out for ourselves. After a refreshing drink, a couple of renowned deviled eggs and a few moments to rest our feet, we were on our way to explore the rest of the city.

For more on my recent adventures, what I wore and what else I’ve been up to, catch me on Instagram, Lookbook & Pinterest.

xo, Vanessa


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