Closet Remix: Summer to Fall

As is customary on most Monday holidays, I spent the morning in my pajamas and played in my closet. It was the perfect day to assess what pieces will carry me into fall as the temperature drops without needing to completely re-up on stylish components.

Mix & match your favorites for ultimate style this season.
Mix & match your favorites for ultimate style this season. (Credit.)

Keep reading for five fall looks using things you loved to wear last season!

For a day off.
For a day off.

Chances are you have a light jacket in case of temperature emergencies when warm spring days turn into not-so warm spring nights. If that jacket happens to be denim, you’re in luck because it makes for an excellent layering piece for fall. Match the hardware to your jewelry or accessories and you’re in business.

For date night.
For date night.

My closet is packed full of things I can wear and re-wear without needing much imagination. This means, for the most part, that a lot of my wardrobe is black white comes in very handy when fishnets season rolls around. The look of these tights can be alluring so a statement piece like an exotic skin bag and a neutral cocktail dress balance out the “sexy-ness” of the look.

For weekend errands.
For weekend errands.

I just bought the cutest pair of distressed, patchwork jeans at LOFT and I absolutely love the way you can make them look more expensive by pairing them with a large, classy bag. You can dress the look down by working in a tee shirt or upgrade it with a monochromatic look.

For an afternoon of apple picking.
For an afternoon of apple picking.

My L.L. Bean tote is my go-to travel bag for vacation and khakis, especially those with pockets, make for the perfect day trip or long weekend “must have”. Authentic khakis often have some kind of grommet or hardware button which makes matching metallic jewelry easy.

For a day at the office.
For a day at the office.

I often reach for a crisp white button up shirt as a cover-up in the summer but in the fall, the same look can serve as a gentle dose of menswear when paired with a feminine touch like high waisted pants or delicate accessories that match the bold hue of your digits.

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xo, Vanessa


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