WEAR I Went: The Fall 2015 Edit

You don’t always appreciate where you are. It’s part of being busy and constantly feeling obligated to be on some sort of schedule. I’m not saying it’s a good thing but its a habit I’m working on breaking. The last several weeks have been a crash course in slowing down and appreciating all the little moments in perfect time for the holidays.

Week(end) #outfitinspo ahead!

Keep reading for more on where I’ve been, what I wore & other things I learned about slowing down.

Spa day

If you’re going for a new look, it’s important to dress the part. It help if you have plans after but for me, dressing to match a new ‘do is part of the experience. Chic and short booties, rolled skinny jeans and a simple black tee are all I needed on a weekend trip to the salon. Starting the day with my sad and straight tresses, I had no idea what was in store when I let hair stylist extraordinaire Kara work her magic.


Pini Swissa Salon, Boston

Date night

One of the best things about being in a real adult relationship is that you can do, be, wear and order whatever you want. Real adults enjoy other real adults and authenticity is key when making connections. When it was up to me to decide what and where I wanted to go for dinner, I challenged myself to choose a spot I hand’t been in a while. Given that it was a weeknight, I only had what I wore to work to work with.


Gourmet Dumpling House, Boston


Some Friday nights call for leggings and comfy tees. Others call for chenille sweaters, joggers, slipper socks and Chinese takeout. Further proof that people who love you don’t care what you’re wearing, what your hair looks like or how many times you fill up your plate with food. Those kinds of people are the best people and the kind of people I like spending a Friday night on a couch watching a Celtics game with.


Sichaun Gourmet, Framingham

The studio

My only side hustle (and first love) is at the barre. With little faces and tiny feet. Much like when I was younger, the ballet studio is a place where my biggest worry is keeping track of counts of eight. Now I spend my Saturday mornings playing with little ones who love to laugh, learn and give hugs after their 45-minute classes. I have such a magical start to my weekend every week and am so incredibly grateful to have this regular reminder of the little things.


DanceFIT Studio, Natick

The bar (daytime)

I’ve come to enjoy the moments that aren’t scheduled and as long as it is taking me to adjust to not having every single minute of my life mapped out, the unexpected things have become my favorite. Sometimes all you need is a little conversation, a blueberry beer and maybe a few stolen glances to really kick off the weekend.


Framingham Beer Works, Framingham

For more on what I wore, what I did and where I went, catch me on Instagram, Lookbook & Pinterest

xo, Vanessa


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