What 2015 Taught Me

As I’m sitting here agonizing over what to say in my return to blogging, I realize that it is only getting harder to hone in one one specific topic or excuse for my inconsistency. The truth is, for the past few weeks, I have been happily living my life, missing summer (like ACTUAL summer), consuming my body weight in holiday treats and reminiscing on the adventures of the past year. I have made more trips to the new Primark location at Downtown Crossing than I am willing to admit, snuggled with everyone’s favorite four-legged sidekick Lucy and logged some serious hours at the ballet studio. I have loved every minute of it but now it’s time to reflect on how each of these memories has culminated into the person I’ve become over the past year.

“Dreams & fantasies” are what you have before your quarter-life crisis…

Keep reading for my end-of-the-year reflection!

Rain or shine, my city has always been there for inspiration.

When we last joined our heroine, she was regaling us with what she wore to the spa, on a date and relaxing at home but the truth is, we all know that her year didn’t start off quite so relaxing. If you recall, 2014 ended on a pretty significant downswing. One of my role models graciously lost her bid for governor and I was job searching, disheartened and unsure of the future. Seemingly promising leads went no where and I was biding my time playing with some of the most luxurious articles of clothing I had ever laid my hands on. All in all, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. “It will get better” and “I think I can” became my daily mantras.

The key to disappointment is to stay busy & keep at it.

Because nothing happens overnight, (except for maybe Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. That stuff is no joke.) it took a lot of work, rejections and pep talks for me to land an actual full-time gig and even at that, I was working two jobs well into the year (and at one point, three). Once I got settled into a 9-to-5, I was regularly social with the people who mamde me the happiest and things were looking up.

Sometimes comfort food is the key to survival. Well, that and champagne for no reason.

If nothing else, 2015 taught me to be resilient. Even when my heart was seemingly broken, I got through it and pressed on. It was a good lesson for me in things not going my way and responding as rationally and positively as possible. Now I take defeat standing up and with a latte in hand and I promptly move on to the next adventure.

I mean, if life’s going to be a bummer sometimes, it might as well taste good, right?

For more on how I mix up my wardrobe, what I’ve been up to on the runway, and my last adventure in NYC, follow me on Polyvore, Tumblr & Twitter.


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