Hello! I’m Vanessa; professional city girl, freelance fashion blogger from Boston moonlighting as a political operative. I enjoy bottomless lattes, black suede pumps and long walks through the Boston Public Gardens.


My blogging journey began in November of 2011 when I became fascinated with the way fashion and professionalism are intertwined in the grown-up world. From there, I’ve been refining my tastes and methods on various social media platforms and have become very inspired.

A City Girl’s Guide to Life & “Boston’s It Girl” are on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (…you name it!) and as a brand so people can follow who I meet, what I’m doing and where I’ve been as a twenty-something young professional. You will see lots of seasonal snapshots, things I’ve tasted, OOTD’s and much more!


What started out as a style blog has evolved into a much more substantial lifestyle blog and I hope you enjoy following me on the ups and downs of being a professional city girl!

Brands I Love:

Birchbox.Moo.The Skimm.

More to come.

We can be friends! Click here for more information!

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