The “Secret” Is Out: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

What’s winged, festive and sparkly all over? If you guessed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you must have just caught it on CBS. If you missed it, or just can’t get enough of Miranda, Erin and Candice then keep reading for my coverage of the show!

If you’re like me, you look forward to the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for a number of reasons. If you are me, you appreciate the show for its creativity and artful showcase of costumes built around lingerie. If you are me, you marvel at what most be the most expensive bra in the world, wonder if anyone ever actually buys it and try avoid eating the Christmas cookies that are staring at you…for about thirty minutes. Well, this year was no different and the fabulous pieces that made up the show were every bit as magical as in years past. Here are a few of my favorites from tonight’s show:

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Style & Grace: My first stylin’ client

Here’s something you should know: friends don’t let friends have overwhelmed closets. The remedy? Switching out a manic Monday for a day of sartorial success. Now that you have an idea of what my day was like today, keep reading to find out how I turned a friend’s closet from “wild” to “styled” in a day!

In all the chaos of graduating and celebrating summer and job searching and the holidays, who has time to sort through the pieces in their closets they really don’t wear? The answer, very few people. As was the case with my very dear friend Grace…

Meet Grace, my very first client.
Meet Grace, my very first client.

Now some of you may think that consulting a friend on their fashion choices would be a catwalk but to be honest, I was a little nervous. I’m no Stacy London and I have a hard time showing tough love with people when it comes to fashion because it is such an integral part of self-expression. As it turns out, all Grace really needed was to weed out some of her younger-looking pieces and add some more basics to update her look.

We started with dresses, ended with belts and touched on every type of garment in between. I had a blast learning that Grace is a secret keeper of some very chic Harness Frye knock-off boots, fabulous hats and a wide array of some of the most cheerful and colorful jeans. Her goal was to develop a closet for a professional, young twenty-something that could be versatile enough for day-to-night transitions. After a few hours of careful selection, we managed to sort out a significant number of tanks, skirts and tops that just weren’t cutting it anymore. What resulted was something like this:

When it comes to closet organizing, making a mess is a very good thing.
When it comes to closet organizing, making a mess is a very good thing.

After a brief lunch at a local cafe, Grace and I made a quick stop at a TJ Maxx for some style inspiration. We perused the racks for dresses, blazers and sweaters that would transition easily for a twenty-something young professional. One hundred and thirty four dollars later, Grace had a brand new blazer, a boyfriend cardigan, a black cardigan with a black lace inset, a royal blue pencil skirt and a black pencil skirt with silver plaid detailing. (That’s five items, $134…around $27 a piece!)

Having a great wardrobe? Priceless.
Having a great wardrobe? Priceless.

These pieces allow for pairing with everything from sleek white pants to little black dresses and can be worn almost all year round! While Grace still could use a few more staples (like a simple black blazer or a Men’s White shirt), her wardrobe is prepared for her first 9 to 5…and beyond! I am so glad to have been able to work with Grace and hope that she had as much fun as I did!

Stay tuned for more adventures in styling!

xo, Vanessa

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I decided to make today’s post simple and re-introduce myself to those of you who may not have been following Little Black Blog BOSTON. Below are some frequently asked questions about me and how I got into this freelance blogging business. Enjoy! (P.S. If there’s anything I missed, feel free to contact me!)

Ballet flats make the world go 'round.
Ballet flats make the world go ’round.

Who influences you most, fashionably-speaking?

I’m a big fan of Lauren Conrad for her effortlessly chic style and am similarly inspired by Nina Garcia and her book The One Hundred. I’m really into pieces like men’s white shirts (see below) that can be dressed up or down, don’t have to cost a lot and can be re-worked with pieces I already own.

What got you into blogging in the first place?

About a year ago I started noticing that some people don’t understand just how essential it is to express yourself the right way through what you wear. I was working in a field where it is very important to be a professional, even on days when a blazer isn’t required. Some people took the term “Casual Friday” a bit too far and I started appreciating the people I met who had really great taste. Blogging about trends and other kinds of style inspiration really helped me to refine my own taste.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts (USA) and attended university at a college just a couple blocks from Fenway Park. My campus was small but once I was out of class I had an entire city to take in and I gained an appreciation for everything from flash sales on nail polish to consignment shops on Newbury Street.

City Girl Simplicity: My style in a nutshell.
City Girl Simplicity: My style in a nutshell.

When did you start blogging?

My first blog was launched in November of 2011 and was an attempt to merge my interest in politics and social issues with fashion. I soon found that merging my interests in social media and showcasing the affiliates I had gained would be better served on a new platform and I came to WordPress. My next endeavor was more Boston and fashion-focused but was halted by my foray into political campaigning. Now I’ve settled on sharing my experiences as a twenty-something professional city girl and the adventures I have in what I wear, who I meet and what I do.

Why is fashion important?

I like to think of style as one hundred percent self-expression. Whether you’re in an A-line dress or a zippered hoodie, what you wear and how you appear to the world can make all the difference. There was a time when I would have thought that a focus on such vanity was entirely superficial but as a twenty-something young professional, I have found that the way I perceive others based on first impressions has a lot to do with what they wear. As it turns out, wardrobe selections have a lot to do with how people feel about themselves as well.

How did you get so many followers?

I’ve built my brand like a political campaign…via grassroots (i.e. word of mouth and social media). Many of my readers have been following me through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr although I’ve met a lot through networking, college and some of my professional experiences. My advice to anyone trying to build a brand is to be proud of your product and know your audience. I try not to overwhelm my guy friends with posts about pearl necklaces and choosing the ideal red lipstick! (Sorry if it happened without my knowledge!)

Never underestimate the power of a LBD...or a pomegranate margarita.
Never underestimate the power of a LBD…or a pomegranate margarita.

Who makes up your readership?

Last time I checked, the US was beating out readers in Canada, the U.K. and the Philippines but I also have readers in Australia, India and Italy (to name a few). These people really seemed to like posts I’ve written about D.I.Y.’s, cold cream and style reports so I’ll try to keep the good stuff coming!

What is your favorite part about Boston?

As a self-proclaimed professional city girl, I like that I can go from a historic section like The North End to a fashion show at the modern ICA in just a short walk’s time. A walkable city is very important to me as I tend to try keep social outings to a budget (but the cobblestones are a killer on shoes with heels)!

Where is your favorite place to get a drink?

The Monkey Bar. (Just kidding! But they do have incredible smoothies…) If it’s winter, you can find me near the fireplace at The Black Rose with a Guinness but if its summer, a roof deck or somewhere in the North End with a glass of moscato or a fruity cocktail is probably your best bet.

Why do you like politics?

I’ve always been interested in social issues (my B.A. is in Global Studies & international Affairs) and how they affect people. I’ve interned in the legislature and the investment good representation makes in their district is really inspiring. I think that reform needs to happen in a lot of areas, (student loan repayment for one,) and I’d like to see optimistic and progressive leadership make it easier for my generation and generations to come to get good jobs, raise happy and healthy families and get the economy back on it’s feet.

My last job involved working for this lady. It was a crazy ride but I still managed to look chic at the victory party!
My last job involved working for this lady. It was a crazy ride but I still managed to look chic at the victory party!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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xo, Vanessa

I don’t usually re-brand myself, but when I do…

Lady In Red: This was me before I knew the harsh reality of student loans and the beauty of a good mascara.
Lady In Red: This was me before I knew the harsh reality of student loans and the beauty of a good mascara…

Every ending is a new beginning, of that I am sure. And while I sit on my few weeks of involuntary vacation following my last professional experience, I am pondering what’s next for me.

Okay, that was a little melodramatic. But seriously, what’s next?! If you’ve been following me for a while you already know that in the past year I’ve been in and out of the city, local politics and about a bajillion coffee cups. Life as twenty-something young professional is not as glamorous as I would have thought but I’ll be darned if I don’t make it look that way…

When I get really into Instagram...and what I'm wearing.
When I get really into Instagram…and what I’m wearing.

If you were a fan of COSMOpolitique or Little Black Blog BOSTON, I can assure you that it only gets better. With all the people I’ve met, things I’ve done and places I’ve been in the past year, I am drawing inspiration from more experiences than ever before. (Thus the re-brand.) My affinity for sophistication and city life has never wavered so if you have any ideas of events I should be taking in, issues I should be aware of or people I should meet, please reach out to me at

Here it is, a photographic, social media-focused journal of what’s it like to be me,; a professional city girl, looking for love, adventure (or a job) and killer deal on stilettos.

I love my team.
Suburban recluse by day, city girl by night…

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xo, Vanessa