What 2015 Taught Me

As I’m sitting here agonizing over what to say in my return to blogging, I realize that it is only getting harder to hone in one one specific topic or excuse for my inconsistency. The truth is, for the past few weeks, I have been happily living my life, missing summer (like ACTUAL summer), consuming my body weight in holiday treats and reminiscing on the adventures of the past year. I have made more trips to the new Primark location at Downtown Crossing than I am willing to admit, snuggled with everyone’s favorite four-legged sidekick Lucy and logged some serious hours at the ballet studio. I have loved every minute of it but now it’s time to reflect on how each of these memories has culminated into the person I’ve become over the past year.

“Dreams & fantasies” are what you have before your quarter-life crisis…

Keep reading for my end-of-the-year reflection!

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Closet Remix: Summer to Fall

As is customary on most Monday holidays, I spent the morning in my pajamas and played in my closet. It was the perfect day to assess what pieces will carry me into fall as the temperature drops without needing to completely re-up on stylish components.

Mix & match your favorites for ultimate style this season.
Mix & match your favorites for ultimate style this season. (Credit.)

Keep reading for five fall looks using things you loved to wear last season!

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If you caught my last post, you know I spent the holiday weekend with my best friend from college in NYC. Per usual, our adventures were the greatest; from Carnegie Hall to Hell’s Kitchen.

See you soon, pretty city!
See you soon, pretty city!

Keep reading for more on what I did this weekend & the top spots you have to visit the next time you’re in “Gotham”.

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welcome to new york.

After a hiatus from the aspiring jet-setter I used to be, I’m currently on my way to The Big Apple to visit my best friend for the holiday weekend.This weekend will be my last as a twenty-five year old so in a way, I guess I’m also celebrating the goodbye party for my quarter-life crisis. (Good riddance!)

“…it’s been waiting for you.” (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for what I packed (into one L.L. Bean tote, aren’t you impressed?!) to celebrate America’s birthday!

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Cool Girl Summer Style

Currently, it’s humid night and I’m sitting in a jersey Citizens of Humanity dress while I try to cool off with a brownie sundae. With the threat of thunderstorms and the holiday weekend rapidly approaching, I’m seriously questioning how I’m going to survive the next couple of months, sartorially speaking.

Cool girl style IS black & white.
Cool girl style IS black & white. (Photo credit.)

But whether at the office, running errands or heading out on date night, I have a few ideas to get you started.

Keep reading for my summer style suggestions!

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8 Places To Visit During Valentine’s Week

Like most holidays & major events, I will find almost any excuse to prolong the festivities. In this case, the weather has created quite a mess for Bostonians to prepare for and celebrate Valentine’s Day as planned. Because of this, the Governor has called for a week-long celebration to help small businesses that normally would benefit from the personalized products and customer service local small businesses are famous for.

Spent world's largest #StarbucksDate at one of my favorite spots. Can you guess which one?
Spent world’s largest #StarbucksDate at one of my favorite spots. Can you guess which one?

Keep reading for my picks on where to visit during the first-ever Valentine’s Week in Massachusetts!

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All I Want For Christmas…

Ever since I was little, writing a list to Santa was one of the most magical holiday things. Of course I’m extremely grateful for many of the gifts, both material and intangible, I received this year, (um, hello?! I was named the 5th Best Fashion Blogger in Boston!), but it is also nice to dream about sweets & treats that might be waiting under the Christmas tree on the 24th of December.

Deck the halls... (Photo credit.)
Deck the halls… (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for my personal wish list & where to find some of these lovely things!

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