what I made.

You wake up, pour a cup of coffee, go to work, do stuff. You don’t always realize what you’re creating unless you start out with the intention to do so. It wasn’t until I spent a #selfcareSaturday cozy in bed, in need of a healthy soup that I realized all the creative potential I’ve been tapping into lately.

Big city, bright lights.

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How To: Free Fall

It’s a long day living in Reseda…is something I would say if I was Tom Petty or John Mayer. Instead, I’m just me, living in and out of the city, loving my mama and America too. But I’ve also experienced a bit of guilt lately from thinking about things left behind, the broken hearts that followed and a dream that got me thinking about thinking less and doing more.

If you're too scared to jump, you're going to miss all the fun that exists on the way. (Photo credit.)
If you’re too scared to jump, you’re going to miss all the fun that exists on the way. (Photo credit.)

Keep reading for my latest epiphany and why it’s good to be scared sometimes.

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